Aloka Collister/ Kiranjot Kaur was raised in the UK within the Kundalini Yoga community. She Attended the Miri Piri school in the Amritsar, India, and has been immersed in sacred chanting, singing and music since birth.

As a young artist she sung with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, The London Youth Choir, Camden youth choir and performed at the Royal Albert Hall. She composed and performed a solo track live in the show 'Orbital' at the Circus festival at the London Roundhouse Studios, and won a choral scholarship to attend St Marylebone school specializing in Performing Arts in London. Aloka recorded with Recorded with Basement Jaxx christmas song 2014, and toured with her mother Siri Sadhana Kaur, chanting at concerts and festivals since her early years. She has recorded and featured on many Mantra Music Cds “Sacred Nectar”, “Song of soul”, “Alokas Grace”, and more recently was a featured artist on solo tracks on “Awakening heart”, “Ancient keeper and “Transition”





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Aloka Collister