Agochar Kaur was born in Valencia (Spain). She received her Degree in Law in 1995 and decided to deepen her knowledge on international topics at Bologna University (Italy), The Hague Academy of International Law (Holland) and London University (U.K). She specialized in Human Rights and returned to Spain in 2000 to work in the humanitarian field. Then she met Kundalini Yoga becoming an instructor in 2004 and teaching yoga at different centres since then. She is mother of a 8 years child and combines her job as a lawyer at a Spanish NGO working for social integration of Homeless and Immigrants with her passion for music, yoga and family. Composer and singer, she plays the guitar and her celtic-vintage harpe. "Somos Uno" is her third album of kundalini yoga mantras combining harmoniously classical and modern instruments. She is very well-known in Spain and has participated in several festivals and yoga workshops in Valencia, Castellón, Alicante,Tarragona, Madrid, Vigo & Barcelona. For further information you can reach her at &





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Agochar kaur