Aykanna is a husband and wife musical duo known for their soulful, percussion-driven music and wisdom teachings. Stronger together, Sukhdev, billboard acclaimed musician and Grammy nominated percussionist Akah Jackson share their passions for healing through sound and soul.

The name Aykanna can be literally translated as a link between heaven and earth. Decades of devotion sculpted the sound of Aykanna, blending masculine and feminine: the deep roots of sacred chant traditions with the spirit of shamanic healing practices. Their inspirational, positive messages are reinforced with playful beats and enchanting vocals and reach far beyond the boundaries of Kirtan and new age music genres and into the hearts of all people.

Aykanna shares their music and teach Kundalini Yoga internationally in Central America, Europe, and throughout the US. Walking Sky, Dreaming Earth is their brand new album released April 2019 Akah and Sukhdev live with their amazing 7 year old daughter, Sahej-Rose in Ojai California.

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Special Guest: Aykanna Thursday, June 02, 2011




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  • Is a beautifull job...bless you

    -- siri kartar kaur
  • Fine

    -- Simranpreet
  • an angel from heaven. a voice from heaven. The music of Akyanna is so inspiring and uplifting. Just amazing

    -- Regina Snyder
  • thank you for your beautiful music... I am especially drawn to chant I AM WHAT I AM along with you ...the simplicity of this song is its jewel! I thank you! Sat Nam!

    -- Ginny Engelhardt
  • They opened my heart so wide with their cover of "I AM" at Sat Nam Fest and I have been a fan ever since.

    -- Devpreet Kaur
  • Great music for the soul!!! Love it!!

    -- Akaljeet Kaur
  • Wonderful, relaxing.

    -- Iderma
  • ACE ACE ACE!!! Love them and all they do & stand for :-)

    -- Mary Jane
  • Like her musical versions - not too sing-songy. Soothing voice

    -- HarDarshan Khalsa
  • I enter on the web to listen the free mp3 friday of today and it's very beautiful and simple. i "think" i love it xD thank you

    -- Cindy Karina
  • Powerful voices. I love them!

    -- Guru Gopal
  • immaculate perfection * harmonized beauty

    -- Jeanne Iridescent
  • Wonderful very informative and I learned alot from the interview on 2.0 recovery

    -- Marla
  • Great contribution to our spiritual journey.

    -- linda wesson
  • touches the heart and soul

    -- Sheila
  • I absolutely love Aykanna! Their music and interpretation of mantras is soulful and joyful. I am a grateful fan!

    -- Nirmalpal Kaur
  • Awesome! Love it!!

    -- Judy
  • Wonderful!!!

    -- brenda
  • j'aime beaucoup!

    -- vita
  • Soothing and soulful.

    -- Nora
  • Like the variety in the music soothing and easy listening

    -- A,mar Gian
  • awesome love groove light!

    -- rooni
  • Wow! Wonderful arrangements and vocals!

    -- Nicolette
  • Funcky and Light! Thank u

    -- Parampreet Kaurhttp://www.studio-flow.nl
  • awesome Sat Nam

    -- Shea
  • I like that sound,it helps me feel relax and calm.

    -- carolina
  • she is a fantastic kundalini singer

    -- Suzanne Kaur
  • This album is incredible! Soothing my heart and making me dance! Love these guys...

    -- Saffron
  • Rockin' CD

    -- Karen
  • SAT NAM !!!!!

  • first time I listen to them, love it, truly elevating and smooth :)

    -- mariela
  • Beautiful Melodies

    -- Aghttp://pabuddhistvihara.net
  • Beautiful X

    -- kimberley brown
  • Oh WOW!!! heard for the first time today in Gurmukhs workshop in London. So beautiful it's blown me away - thank you so much

    -- Laura
  • Love it..dancing in my living room!!!

    -- vivian
  • I love this album so much! Thank you and I heard you are in the studio working on a new one....cannot wait!

    -- Larisssa
  • I love this album so much! Thank you and I heard you are in the studio working on a new one....cannot wait!

    -- Larissa
  • Spiritually uplifting and musically rich. My new favorite!

    -- Donna Quesadahttp://donna-quixote.blogspot.com
  • This is the best group i have heard in a long time. So much soul and in the Naad. thank you Aykanna!

    -- Sat Siri