Fourth Chakra Lotus Ring - Compassion

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Each of these elegant Chakra Lotus Rings represents the spirit and energy of each of the seven chakras.  These rings were hand-crafted to represent each of the seven Chakra Lotus Blossoms.  They follow the design of the chakra lotus blossoms with the chakra symbol in the center and the corresponding petals encircling the symbol.
The rings are hand-cast and can be made with various combinations of silver and gold.  All of these rings have a silver band. 
You can then choose one of the following three combinations for the lotus petals and chakra globe.
- Silver Lotus Petals with Silver Chakra Globe: $330
- Silver Lotus Petals with Gold Chakra Globe: $560
- Gold Lotus Petals with Silver Chakra Globe: $1260
These rings are custom-made to order, so please allow time for delivery.
The Fourth Chakra:  The Fouth Chakra (Anahata chakra) is located at the heart and relates to the element of air. It is also know as "heart center" or "heart lotus". This chakra is considered the bridge between consciousness and the body. The heart center can be opened by cultivating kindness, compassion and calmness. When the "heartcenter" is balanced you are accessible, connected, loving and compassionate. This ring has 12 freeform heart shaped lotus petals representing the 12 energy channels emanating from it. The symbol in the center of the ring represents the vibration of this chakra. The color of this chakra is green.

** Please note that all lotus rings are made to order.  If you should decide to return your ring, there will be a 15% return/re-stocking fee.

The ring is open and overlaps at the bottom (see thumbnail) and can be re-sized with a leather mallet and ring sizer (your jeweler can do this if you do not have these tools) or you can indicate your ring size and it will be shipped in the requested size.

Total dimension of the ring is approx. 1 1/4" (31mm) tall and the widest point of the band is 10/16" (16mm) it tapers to less than 1/4" (5mm). Finger Measurement - Ring Size

(inches) - (mm) - (USA)
1 13/16 - 46.5 - 4
1 15/16 - 49.0 - 5
2 1/16 - 51.5 - 6
2 3/16 - 54.5 - 7
2 5/16 - 57.0 - 8
2 7/16 - 59.3 - 9
2 9/16 - 62.0 - 10
Chakra is a sanskrit word meaning `wheel of light.`  They are energy centers and the points where body and soul connect.  Our bodies contain seven Chakra Energy Centers aligned vertically up and down the spine.  The first six chakra energy centers are located within the body while the seventh is located above the crown of the head.  The ancient chakra system refers to the energy centers as Lotus Blossoms as each one has a certain number of petals corresponding to the number of energy channels radiating from it.  All chakra energy centers are equally important because each one has a necessary function to perform for us and represents certain emotions and qualities.  Through awareness, concentration and meditation on the chakra energy centers they can be energized and balanced and thus improve our lives and the lives of those around us. 
"May your chakra ring help you on your quest to open up and balance your chakras like lotus blossoms in full bloom extending upward toward the light." - Gurumeet Kaur