Sacred Love Meditations
Song Title Length Price Listen
Sacred Love Meditations (full album) 67:05 12.99 Listen to All Clips
1. Ang Sang Wahe Guru - Touching Infinity 11:58 2.49 Listen
2. Humee Hum - The Other is You 11:53 2.49 Listen
3. Mera Man Loche - Unconditional Love 12:17 2.49 Listen
4. Hum Dhum Har Har - Embracing Infinity 11:20 1.99 Listen
5. Wahe Guru - Connection and Intuition 13:15 2.49 Listen
6. Blissful Night 06:22 1.99 Listen
Tour Dates
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May 02 Fri

Sacred Chant Concert

Islington, London, United Kingdom (GB)

May 04 Sun

Sacred Chant Concert

Reykjavík, Iceland

May 06 Tue

Cantos de Amor Sagrado

Madrid, Spain

May 08 Thu

Sacred Chant Concert

Barcelona, Spain

May 10 Sat

Concierto de Cantos Sagrados Alicante Spain

Busot, Alicante, Spain

May 14 Wed

Sacred Chant Concert

Helsingborg, Sweden

May 15 Thu

Sacred Chant Concert

Stockholm, Sweden

May 17 Sat

Sacred Chant Concert

Warsaw, Poland

May 30 Fri

Sacred Chant Concert

Prague, Czech Republic

May 31 Sat

Sacred Chant Concert Austria

Linz, Austria

Jun 03 Tue

Sacred Chant Concert

Sofia, Bulgaria

Jun 04 Wed

Sacred Chant Concert

Belgrade, Serbia And Montenegro

Jun 07 Sat

Sacred Chant Concert

Bucharest, Romania

Jun 15 Sun

Sacred Chant Concert


Jun 19 Thu

Solstice Yoga and Music Pre-Festival concert Latvia

Bruveri, Latvia

Jun 20 Fri

Solstice Yoga and Music Festival workshop Latvia

Bruveri, Latvia

Oct 09 Thu

Sat Nam Fest East 2014

Waynesboro, PA, USA

This album is dedicated to open a pure space of love in your life. These meditations use the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to help each one of us access that sacred space within to allow us to communicate from soul to soul and establish communication on a deeper level which may bring light and healing into our relationships.

Mirabai Ceiba`s latest release is truly the music of lovers. This album features the musical interplay of the duo Mirabai Ceiba, their voices interweaving with a play of the masculine and feminine while their instruments follow suit. Angelika`s harp is wrapped in the warmth of Markus`s beautiful guitar. The breathtaking music on this album is built around six meditations to take you to a place in your heart where you are able give and receive love. On this album they are supported by a line-up of world-renowned musicians who bring an incredible depth and breadth to the music. Masterfully produced by Jamshied Sharifi.


Benjamin Wittman - percussion
Bogdan Djukic - violin
Jesus Mejia- nylon-string guitar
Leonardo Nieto Joly - sitar
Dafer Tawil - ney, bendir
Ramesh Kannan - tabla
Alexander Sieber - vibraphone
Miyuki Sakamoto - background vocals
Jamshied Sharifi - keyboards, bass, electric guitar, background vocals

on Blissful Night:
Megan Gould - violin
Karen Waltuch - viola
Noah Hoffeld - cello

Produced by Jamshied Sharifi