Heart of the Universe


1. Song of Your Heart 6:07
2. Sanctuary 6:14
3. Heart Of The Universe 8:49
4. Soft Like Wax 6:25
5. Just To Know You 6:56
6. Carry Me 8:48
7. Again and Again 7:33
8. Satigur Prasad 6:47
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Heart of the Universe is a ground-breaking musical partnership between multi-Grammy Award nominated pianist, Peter Kater, and renowned Sacred Chantress, Snatam Kaur. We invite you on a journey through the intimate pathways of these soulful songs and ancient mantras enlivened by soaring piano arrangements and the rich textures of the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra. Allow yourself to surrender and fall deeply yet lightly into this very personal unfolding, and you may just find your Self at the Heart of the Universe.

Produced by Peter Kater


Snatam Kaur Vocals
Peter Kater Piano, Synthesizers
Paul McCandless Oboe, Penny Whistles, English Horn
Christian Teele Percussion
Glen Velez Frame Drum
Larry Thompson Drums
Bijoux Barbosa Bass
String arrangements by Austin Wintory

Performed by the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra Conducted by Oleg Kontradenko. Recorded in Macedonia

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Peter Kater

    Multi-platinum selling pianist and composer, Peter Kater, has received 8 Grammy nominations in the last 9 years and has scored over 100 television programs and films including 11 Off and On-Broadway plays. He is also the proud recipient of the prestigious Environmental Leadership Award from the United Nations.

    He has recorded and performed with some of the worlds most talented and accomplished musicians, actors, directors and authors.

Snatam Kaur


     Snatam Kaur is one of today‚Äôs most popular New Age artists. Her CDs of Sikh-inspired chants have topped the New Age music charts repeatedly over the last decade. Fans across the globe buy over 50,000 of her CDs each year. She has fans from Oprah Winfrey to Buddhist monks in the mountains of Thailand.

    Dressed in distinctive Sikh garb, Snatam Kaur embodies the Sikh message of strength through inner serenity.

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