Kundalini Horoscope: April 16-22, 2018


Mercury is direct, the Moon is waxing, the Sun is in go-get-’em Aries. It is time to move forward! Put the past behind you and charge ahead. There are no more excuses and no more delays. Let your goals and dreams grow as the Moon grows throughout this entire week, urging you to put your heart into it. It is a time to practice more physically-demanding yoga kriyas and to consciously put energy toward the goals that you created for yourself at the time of the New Moon last weekend.

Kundalini Horoscope: April 9-15, 2018


This is the last full week of Mercury retrograde (for now), suggesting that this is a good week to collect on money that is owed to you and get back things that you lent out. It is a good time to reflect, review and rewind. Go through old journals and picture albums. Clean things out and get re-inspired. Pick up where you left off on old projects that need mending and old relationships that need patching. Go back and re-work the details before moving forward once again.

Kundalini Horoscope: March 26-April 1, 2018


The Moon is waxing. She is growing bigger and bigger each day and staying up later and later each night. We may find ourselves restless and unable to sleep at night. Our dream states may become more active, especially toward the end of the week as the Moon reaches fullness. This week is a good time to tackle more active, challenging yoga sets. Choose ones that are more physically demanding. Put your body to the test. You have more strength now than you may realize. In addition, our emotional reserves are growing as well. Work on the goals that you set for yourself during the time of the last New Moon. Grow your dream as the Moon grows each night.

Kundalini Horoscope: March 19-25, 2018


This is a big week in the astrological world! Many significant changes are abound. Energy is shifting. A new astrological year is upon us. In the background of it all, the Moon is waxing. She is growing larger each day and staying up later each night. As a result, this is a time when we feel our emotional energy reserves growing. It is a time to tackle more physically challenging yoga sets. Move forward with goals that we set for ourselves at the time of the New Moon last week.