Cate discovered Kundalini Yoga by accident over 15 years ago. Walking into a yoga class at the fitness center in her office building, she happened upon it and was surprised and thrilled by how engaged, energized, and inspired it made her feel. She’s been practicing ever since. In 2008, she completed her teacher training at Golden Bridge Yoga in New York City with Hari Kaur Khalsa. Currently, Cate offers private lessons with Kundalini-scriptions (a daily just-right-for-you practice); she teaches Kundalini Yoga at The Karuna Shala in Glen Ridge, NJ; and she runs her signature series, Meditation and Mantra Immersion Experiences for Women twice a month at NJ Acupuncture, Wellness, and Fertility in Montclair, NJ. You can find out more about Cate and her work at

14 responses to “Yoga for Beginners: 10 Things That Make Kundalini Yoga Different from Hatha Yoga”

  1. Ganesh N

    As per the research done by Mr. Pandian, Kundalini doesn’t mean coiled snake. Please go through the link for the meaning of word kundalini

    Please go through this video completely and make your views on Kundalini.

    Etymology of word kundalini and the meaning for the seven chakras and the colour concept behind them

    Etymology of the word Chakra:

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  4. begginer

    i mean get more flexibility….

  5. begginer

    So i can do kundalini kriya’s set in the morning and other yoga assanas in the middle of the day, and again kundalini in the evening,yes?
    Kundalini is great, i like the effect after set, but i also want to get more strength and power in my body…

  6. begginer

    Can i mix kundalini yoga with other yogas ?

    1. Ramdesh Kaur

      You cannot mix different types of yoga in the context of a kriya. The kriyas should be kept as they are taught. It is ok to practice Kundalini yoga and also study other forms of yoga, to enhance your practice and your life. Blessings, Ramdesh

  7. Cate Baily

    Thank you for the comments, clarifications, and additions everyone! I appreciate the feedback and enjoy the dialogue.

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  9. Japa K. Khalsa

    The 11th item I’d like to propose to add is that KY has a huge focus on community and once you tune in, you belong to the KY ‘family” and it’s not about you and your own practice, the emphasis is on a collective group practice.
    I don’t see Kundalini Yoga as the “endgoal” of a hatha yoga practice even though it was also explained to me that way, I respectfully disagree at this time in my life. Hatha yoga in it’s restorative and deep way holds a valuable place in the heart and soul of practicing yogi’s, in fact they say that baby’s do all the hatha yoga postures in the womb!
    I just see Kundalini yoga as a group effort and oriented towards helping the world through a collective yoga practice.
    Sat nam.

  10. Keval Kaur Khalsa

    Thank you for your article — this is certainly a question we get asked frequently!

    I’d like to offer a clarification. “Gurmukhi” is often characterized as a language, but in fact Gurmukhi refers to the script that the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (sacred text considered the Guru of the Sikhs) and the Punjabi language are written in. The mantras in Kundalini Yoga largely come from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, which actually draws on a variety of languages and dialects, which are all descendents of Sanskrit. Reference for this information — “Introduction to the Sacred Language of the Sikhs” by Christopher Shackle, 1983, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

  11. Simpanreet

    Hi! Beautiful  article and very useful indeed. I am just surprised that you haven’ t mentioned about the Golden chain and Guru Ram Das as i thought the main difference of KY is the source of the teachings. Thanks and Sat Nam!

  12. Matt

    Awesome article. Very clear and presentable. I’ll be sharing this with some of my non-KY yogi friends. thank you =)

  13. Jamila S Tazewell

    Sat Nam! Thank you for this very helpful breakdown of the basic differences between KY and Hatha.
    I would like to respectfully add that raising the Kundalini is actually the end goal of Hatha yoga also, its just that Hatha yoga takes about 20 years of perfect practice to do so. At least thats how it’s been explained to me. They call Kundalini Yoga the yoga for “householders” because it can be done by people who dont have 20 years to sit in a cave doing yoga all day to get results. Simply put, both styles work, one just works faster to raise the Kundalini. Hence the name..
    I say this will all respect to Hatha yogis and teachers everywhere. Just my two cents.

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