Winter Solstice White Tantric

Winter Solstice in Lake Wales Florida starts December 18th. I love this event. It features 3 days of white tantric yoga, lots of great music, tons of yogi tea and a fun cozy group of people.  This musical slide show is excellent. It features music from Nectar of the Name by Sat Purkh, Sat Kirin’s Chatara Chakara Varti and ends with Gurunam’s Pavan Pavan from Journey Home .

You can learn more at Don’t miss it! Mention this post and get $5 off any purchase at the spirit voyage booth!



  1. Gotta love the effort you put into this blog :)

  2. This was really great! So many wonderful memories of tantric!

  3. If you are on the fence about going to winter solstice, know that I just got tickets for $65 to Orlando from Baltimore 7 days out one way!

    $65!!! I think there are really good deals into Orlando right now.

    Good Luck!


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