What Oprah Knows For Sure: Snatam Kaur is Amazing!

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O Magazine- Snatam Kaur

If there is one thing we know for sure, its that we definitely agree with Oprah.  In the latest edition of “O The Oprah Magazine”,  Oprah wrote about loving Snatam Kaur (she plays her music everyday before meditation) and having a surprise Snatam concert for her birthday.  Her dear friend Maria Shriver, who also listens to Snatam everyday, had arranged for Snatam to come in and sing for her, including her favorite “Ong Namo”.  Oprah wrote on hearing Snatam sing, “It’s a moment I’ll savor forever.”  Indeed, all those of us who have come to be touched to our very core by Snatam Kaur and her incredible music, agree.  What we know for sure is that Snatam Kaur‘s music will melt your heart and Oprah’s.


P.S.  We’re willing to bet that the song Oprah was humming was Snatam Kaur’s “Guru Ram Das” from the album “Shanti”.  Peace!



  1. Snatam Kaur is singing of Guru Ram Das- the fourth Sikh Guru who was so close to God and enlightened and spread the Naam of Waheguru in the 1500s; not Ram Das the American spiritual teacher. Many if not all Sikhs would find this offensive, like I do.

  2. Oprah is lucky to have Maria Shriver who seems to be more genuinely capable of Spirituality and Sincere. Sanatam is Pure Light and Sincere. Oprah is kinda phony! 1st of She thinks Guru Ram Das who positively affected the future course of India and the World, a Being of Light is somehow the mere Celebrity who named himself Ram Das is one and same – that arrogance and ignorance.

    In the O article Oprah says Snatam Sings a song that invokes Ram Das the mere Celebrity’s name – so is this why she like the Guru Ram Das song – can such a well traveled Celbrity(Oprah) be so ignorant wow and so disappointing. But she had done this kinda ignorance on many topics on her now canceled TV show whose ratings had been dipping year by year. The Light of God – Waheguru has Trillions of sentient Life bearing Planets in Trillions of Universes in Trillions of Realms, as Guru Nanak 600yrs ago writes in Siri Guru Granth Sahib using a more accurate term of “Countless upon Countless”. So Oprah may be important to Big Banks and Corporations that pollute our Oceans and Lands for a fast buck, She is not a iota more important then YOU (anybody reading my post). TRUTH be told YOU ALL are MORE IMPORTANT to God then OPRAH is! Waheguru gave Oprah her Fame and Riches all in his Bachitar Naatak/Divine Play, just to see the play unfold. If I were Oprah I would ask myself , “Have I been Pleasing to God/Waheguru, have I squandered the Riches Guru(Light that Dispels the Darkness) gave me on vanity and self indulgence – regardless of my immense fans claiming I Oprah am God of all Humans – have I humbled myself and told myself I am less then a iota, for when on Jupiter one can not see the Earth even its less then a Iota – then where is Oprah – in a trillion years from now who will even know what the heck is a Oprah – but by then Infinitely more Beings will Chant Waheguru God’s Name, as Waheguru keeps popping into existence more and More Planets in more universes – they call the count Infinite for a reason – WaheGuru is very Busy in showering His/Her Love of Life and Creation faster and Faster – aka quickening lol 😉

    Daughter of God, Snatam Kaur, her name, her Soul will eternally grow as she is not selling vanity and consumerism and self induced modern stresses, nope she is helping awaken the Souls of all Beings. Look OPRAH did not want to eat Beef because she did not want to die from Mad Cow Disease, when she got sued for that and the Mad Cow and Fecal Germs scare on TV News stooped she went back to eating Beef. But Snatam she being a gentle being, she gladly sacrifices any taste or such desires simply to save and spare the Life of fellow Beings we share this bountiful Earth with, and to be energy Green, as it takes a thousand times more resources to feed a Beef/meat eater then it does for a same size Vegetarian Human! Also Snatam I sense cares to treat her body as a Temple of God, so she only eats healthy foods as best as is possible in the Big Inc ruled GMO favoring USA gov.

    And I thank all of you the millions of you who also care for all Beings as Snatams Light does!
    Hey this is why I like “ellen DeGeneres” she is Vegetarian, she loves all Animals! Since I am not Judgemental, I do not know her Spirituality and yet her being a lover of all Animals is all I need to be a Friend to her :-)

  3. There are no coincidences. Snatam Kaur was already in Maui on Oprah’s birthday. Things happen just as they are supposed to.

  4. I cannot stop smiling! That is so incredible! What a concert that must have been and on Oprah’s birthday no less. When I returned from the 2010 Costa RIca retreat I wrote a letter to Oprah, wishing she could have Snatam on her show and introduce this very special music to the world…to know they have connected, truly warms my heart. So happy for all the people that can now discover the magic of Snatam Kaur.
    Like Oprah, Snatam, you shine pure light with your spirit and voice.
    I am willing to bet the song was Ong Namo!
    Much love, Suzy

  5. Does it make a difference in the quality of Truth whether a celebrity and yes, even Oprah discovers the eternal goodness that is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime?
    Too bad, because the focus is now placed on the commercialism of the famous. Better that people would come to an “authentic” joyful experience through music attracting the Light rather than the lighted glitz of Hollywood Celebrity.
    I am not very much impressed and fairly disappointed in the hype called O Magazine…..

  6. What a Divine story and opportunity. Congratulations – your voice touches millions of hearts.
    Thank you. Jeffrey

  7. I got goosebumps reading this article! WOW!
    You are a lucky lady Oprah, Snatam Kaur is a favourite in my collection too.

  8. Lets invite her for Summer Solstice peace Day!!!!!!!1

  9. Sat Nam, How cool, it’s about time she was recognized by Oprah.



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