Video: Meditation Flash Mob in Austin, Texas

Change is happening.  Love and oneness are coming back to this planet. Watch this beautiful video of yogis in Austin, Texas taking over their State Capital and meditating. I even see some familiar faces from the Kundalini yoga world in this video, too!

What happens to the Om’ing flash mob? Do they get kicked out?  Scorned? Or does something deeper happen…in the heart of Texas?

Inspiring.  Beautiful.  Your turn.

Meditation Flash Mob: Texas State Capital Building from Greenheart Creative on Vimeo.



  1. this is great! Is there any kind of rhyme or reason to organizing one? I really think we should do one here in Washington DC. Anyone have any tips/experience with it?

    • Try to contact Black Swan Yoga in Austin, Texas…they organized this one!



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