Video: Kundalini Yoga for 11-11-11 and Beyond with Anne Novak

Anne Novak has given us this beautiful video to guide us through Kundalini yoga for 11-11-11…and beyond!  She teaches a kriya for the positive mind and a meditation for the neutral mind.  Join us for a class!




  1. Thank you so much for this video, both Ramdesh and Anne! After doing this kriya and meditation I feel blissful, tall and grounded. The music is great and I really enjoy Anne´s presence and instruction.
    I hope we will see more videos from you also in the future – obviously it´s wonderful that this one is for free but I´d even be willing to pay for these – that´s how much I enjoy this! And since I´m from Europe there´s not much of a chance for me to see you in live-class. Thank you and Love and Light to you :)


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