Video: Gurunam Singh at Sat Nam Fest “Sat Nam Waheguru Ji”

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.50.39 PMDon’t miss this wonderful video featuring Gurunam Singh chanting at Sat Nam Fest!  This mantra “Waheguru Sat Nam Ji” is an expression of ecstasy in the awareness of truth.  Have you felt your spirit?  How sweet it is!

And who is that singing with him? Yup!  It’s kirtan artist Jai-Jagdeesh!  We love Sat Nam Fest collaborations!


Pick up a recording of this mantra on Gurunam Singh’s “Breath of Devotion” album.


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  1. I love this mantra “Waheguru Sat Nam Ji”

    I use to visit spirit voyage’s website and blog for more and more spiritual understanding. Well they are one of the best option available online on Yoga and Spirituality.

    God bless you guys. You always make my day :)


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