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  1. Veronica Näslund

    Dear Snatam.

    Your voice and singing is a blessing! I am so blessed to be able to take part of this journey. Your daughter was born the same year as mine, and these spirits chose this special year for a special reason. There are times I really doubt my abilities as a mother. Being a mother is also facing my darkest fears, and facing the hardship of being human. I talk and sing to my daughter everyday, she is my best friend. She sees all my fears, all the ugliness and beauty in there, and she forgives/sees/understands, and most of all…she smiles. It’s the most beautiful gift.

    Her favourite music is “Feeling good today”. I sung from the “celabrate peace”-cd when being pregnant. Your music is healing, and means so much my words are not enough. When being in doubt I listen to the “mothers blessing”-cd and also the song “Mothers blessing” from “Liberation’s door” . It gives so much strength and hope.*It reminds me where the beauty and love is, when lost in the dark.

    As a lullaby to my daughter and sending it from my heart to the rest of the world is Kabir’s song and the words :”Breathe my love, breathe in the quiet center”

    Love and Light from Sweden.
    Please come back.
    My deepest deepest gratitudes!
    Sat Nam/namaste
    Veronica Näslund/Tekjot Kaur and my daughter Erika /Satjot Kaur

  2. robbie

    We are so very happy for your family ,Snatum. I have 5 grandchildren( 2 more spirits coming) and we listen to your music everyday! I know there are times when you will need to know that! Keep singing- In all joy and Peace.Robbie

  3. Marianne

    I too look forward to meeting you all @ the Mexico Retreat! so many congrats & blessings – its been exciting to follow your pregnancy & birth of Jap Preet. I’m taking Kundalini training in Boulder & have been listening to your music for years & its been such a joy to hear the status of pregnancy, birth, etc. my heart sings to the joy of a beautiful soul arriving to be amongst us…sat nam, Marianne M. Fort Collins Colorado

  4. Himat Kaur

    My heart is full of joy for all of us, thank you for bring such a beautiful soul into the world, she will do great things.
    Blessings to you.

    Smiles and Happiness
    Himat Kaur
    Thunder Bay, Ontario

  5. Aiona Rose

    Congratulations Snatam and family,

    I look forward to meeting you in Mexico at the Retreat. I’ve been thinking of and feeling the birth of new baby Jap Preet this past week. How wonderful for you and the Oneness of the Universe. Much Aloha, Aiona rose


    Dear Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Khalsa ji – Congratulations to both of you for a beautiful baby daughter- May God brings all of you love and happiness – may Wheguru shower you all with His belssings. beautiful name for Baby Jap Preet !
    regards – Manjit Kaur from Connecticut.

  7. Bernadette Kristaponis

    Many blessings on the birth of your beautiful Daughter, Jap Preet. There is no holier moment than a birth and from the photos shown, it is obviouls that ALL of you continue to radiate God’s love and peace.
    Looking forward to continued peeks into your growing as a family.

    All my love,
    Bernadette from Va. Beach

  8. Annie Fitzgerald

    Sat Nam, dear Snatam Kaur,

    Many congratulations to you and your family on this voyage you have begun. There is nothing as spectacular, inspiring, strengthing, and soul baring like parenting another soul. For all the moments you love and treasure this and all the moments you may question it, remember that is pure love. There is no luckier baby in no safer hands than Jap Preet.

    All love to you,


  9. Deep Singh Rajput

    Dear Snatam Kaur Ji

    Congratulations to you and Sopurkh Singh Ji for the new baby! I am very happy for both of you.

    Kindest regards and Blessings

    Deep Singh.

    PS. Please, oh please return to London as soon as possible to perform more Shabd Keertan. Satnam!

  10. Avtar Kaur - Sara Olivier

    Sat Nam, dear Snatam Kaur,

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter. Tarn Taran Kaur was over staying with us in Rome this last summer and told me you were pregnant – while I was also pregnant. Our little boy, Sukh Anand Singh was also born this month, on November 11th.

    It has been a long time since we met at Solstice in 2001 – but I have been wanting to tell you how much I enjoy using and sharing your music for Shakti Dance and the Shakti Dance trainings. It is particularly inspiring to sing along with you and discover new celestial communications to your music.

    God bless you and your family for the inspiration and elevation you bring into this world. May you enjoy your motherhood, and may you all be very safe, healthy, happy, holy, peaceful and loved.

    Lots of love and blessings

    Avtar Kaur, Rome

  11. Anne Spooner

    I am new to Snatam’s music and enjoy it so very much. My very best to you, your husband and brand new baby.

  12. donna Tratch

    Dear Snatum
    The joy of having a daughter is unbelievable- congratualtaions and many days of healther and joy and laughter.Thankyou for your music- and my daughter and grandaughter also thank you.
    Donna tratch

  13. Judith Malette

    Dear Snatam,

    I am so happy for you! To bring Life and Love into this world is beautiful beyond words. Your chants have accompanied me for two years now, and they have helped me to enjoy life even more, and to go through difficult periods. The birth of your child and the severe illness of my mother remind me that we are pure, free AND forever. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum…



  14. Meherbani SadaNam

    Congrats! So happy for all of you. You must be in heaven.
    Just curious, December 22nd? Am I a month behind? Or, is it November 22nd?
    May love, coziness, abundance and light surround you all during these most precious days. My own daughter is due, along with SadaNam’s daughter ( she is pregnant) on the SAME DAY !!! March 29th. What are the chances of this?
    May God, Guru and Love keep you all safe with love and safety.

    With love and gratitude,
    Meherbani Kaur and
    SadaNam Singh

  15. Elizabeth Medgyesy

    Dear Snatam,
    Your voice has offered me many healing moments since I first heard it years ago. Recently, it has made a big difference to my family as well. On Novmber 21, just one day before the birth of your child, my Father passed away in his sleep from a heart attack. It was sudden, unexpected, and I hope painless. I had been inspired to copy the words from one of your songs just a week prior. As I hurriedly packed my bags to fly across the county and be with my Mom, I grabbed my notes that read:
    May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You
    All Love Surround You
    And the Pure Light Within You
    Guide Your Way Home.
    During the past week, my Mom, my sisters and I have all sung these words repeatedly to my Dad, and they have given us much solace in our time of rememberance of a great Man, Heinz Gunther.
    Please accept my thanks for all the good work you do by outpouring your gifts to the universe.
    Elizabeth Medyesy

  16. lisa george

    congratulations Snatnam !! Most beautiful blessings to you dayy and new Jap Preet!!!

  17. Atma Kaur

    You did it! Congrats. Your baby is sooooooooo cute. All love & coziness your way, Atma Kaur

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