The One Month Vegan Experiment

The Vegan Experiment

The Vegan Experiment. It started, as so many things do in my life nowadays, on Facebook.

My friend Karen put up a status that said she and her friend Rebecca were going Vegan for a month….would anyone like to join them?

I’ve been thinking about Veganism for a long time.  I’m fully vegetarian (including no eggs, called “Pure Vegetarian” in India), but have continued to consume dairy, as is the teaching in Kundalini Yoga and much of ayurveda (dairy is thought to help keep the body in balance).

However, after consultation with a very well known energy medicine practitioner, it was suggested I eliminate dairy to help my pancreas, lumbering since my last trip to India.  Then I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book “Eating Animals,” and the reality of factory farming and its impact on dairy cows (and virtually every other form of life) was made abundantly clear to me.  Systematic meanness to cows = yummy cheese isn’t quite so yummy anymore.

Veganism can be a lifestyle choice, a philosophical commitment, or simply a diet.  In general, vegans weigh less than their meat eating counterparts.  It can also save you some money (beans and rice are helpful for anyone’s pocketbook).

So how about it?  A little experiment.  One month of veganism…no flesh, no eggs, no dairy.   I can make my Yogi Tea and Golden Milk with rice milk.  I can skip the ghee in my kitcheree. I’ll eat a diet rich in grains, vegetables, and legumes. Hey if Bill Clinton did it, why not me?  And for that matter, why not you?

Ask yourself if you’d be interested in participating in a Vegan Experiment.  You can educate yourself about the benefits to the environment, learn new recipes and exchange them, and gauge for yourself whether or not the exclusion of animal protein makes you feel better body, mind and spirit.  On Spirit Voyage’s Facebook page, you can connect with fellow seekers and vegan eating adventurers.

Just one month.  After that….your body can decide for you.  There is no time like the new year to test out a new style of living….join us January 1st for the Vegan Experiment! So here I go….Vegan January!

For an excellent source of vegan protein, try this Superfood Smoothie! Throw in some extra berries and voila!



  1. Nice Ramdesh! I was vegan for a little under 3 years until I started doing KY and then I noticed dairy creeping its way back into my diet. You’ve re-inspired me. =)

    As for yogurts, my favorite is called WholeSoy Any other store-bought soy yogurts (like Silk) I find really unappealing. This has a great taste and not too sweet.

    I used to make my own using young coconut meat too, which requires a super duper blender.

  2. Hey fellow veganites!

    Here are some recipes for Chocolate pudding and Vegan yogurt

    Also, portabella mushrooms make for a great burger substitute–in a lot of cases what makes the sandwich or burger is the sauces and toppings anyway–so just substitiute the mushroom for the meat and make sure to add lots of your favorite toppings–lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers, marinara sauce for an Italian hero, etc…

    I haven’t tried this recipe yet myself, but know from experience that coconut is such a great substitute for a lot of dairy (ice cream!). I stole these from Natalia Rose’s website:

    Strawberry yogurt

    1 cup Fresh young coconut
    ½ cup of either fresh or frozen
    Strawberries or 1 Tbsp pure Strawberry
    fruit spread
    1 Tbsp Raw honey, agave, stevia or
    maple syrup
    In a blender, mix all the ingredients
    and blend until smooth.

    Chocolate Pudding
    2 cups coconut meat (or 1/2 avocado)
    6 dates
    4 Tbsp pure cocoa powder
    Blend all ingredients in a food
    processor until smooth and dig in!

  3. So far its going well. I made ghee-free kitcheree….and it tastes the same! I just cooked the onions and spices in a little water and their own juice.

  4. Sat Nam Ramdesh
    are you following a book or something else to make sure you’re eating the nutrients you need?
    I would like to follow this experiment. i’m a little low in weight so i have to be careful.

    blessing and best wishes!

    • I’m not using one book in particular. I’m just using a kitcheree based diet. I’ll have Karen Jones recommend a book, but I think one of the one’s she likes is “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone. I think you could make sure you get plenty of nuts (nut butters, too….) if you’re low weight…and there is always hemp protein powder, etc. Blessings to you!

  5. Are there any yogurts that I can eat on a vegan diet?
    Thank you

    • Apparently yes! If you google “vegan yogurt” you come up with many recipes for soy yogurt. Have fun finding your perfect vegan yogurt!

  6. Sat Nam fellow Vegans! My boyfriend and I have been Vegan for a few years now and it’s great! I’ve noticed lots of positive personal changes just by eating food that hasn’t been contaminated by the feeling of fear. When I used to eat cheese, I almost always had nightmares before my monthly period and fits of rage. My advice for you is to “look at” your body and thoughts and notice the changes that occour. Maybe you’ll need more than a month, maybe less. Good luck, and please be patient with yourselves. 😀

  7. Great Ramdesh! I’m wondering if using almond milk in golden milk is still vegan. Are you using rice milk because almond milk would not be?
    Sat Nam

    • Sat nam Kendra! Almond milk is vegan! I use rice milk instead of almond out of personal preference. Traditionally Golden Milk is made with Organic Cow’s Milk, although 3HO at Winter Solstice this year had a Rice Milk option! :)

  8. I became vegan a little over three months now. My life has been transformed. It is the perfect compliment to yoga and meditation. It completes the mind, body, and soul. I am so happy with the decision. For me, it has been overall exciting and I have met so many vegans who have openly embraced, welcomed, and supported me. I began a blog to document my transformation from Day 1 to the present, “Yoga Girl goes Vegan”:
    I pray good health, transformation, and success to each of you as you embark on this life altering journey and may you each discover renewed positive energy on your path.

  9. I have been a vegan for a month, its awesome!!! I would sugest that you go slow, making sure that you are suplementing vitamin b-12. Also eating loads of nuts and seeds.



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