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35 responses to “The Numerology of 11-11-11”

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  2. Gail Lesley Brady

    In numerology what is it if you are born at 11pm 11.11.1955
    many thxs Gail

  3. Patrick


    I was born 29.11.1983
    2+9= 11.11(for november) 8+3=11
    All together = 11.11.11 it’s does means something???

  4. pradeep

    i I keep seeing 11 all the time…. sometime in midnight i awake and that s time sharp 11.11 …….

  5. airmaxfrance

    I can draw power from this number

  6. Jon


    Great article.
    I keep seeing 11 too, generally straight after 10

    Can you explain this at all?

    Seems I can draw power from this number

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  9. aa

    today is 14 i guess i missed the train

    1. Ramdesh Kaur

      Oh no…you are on the train! The Aquarian Age didn’t stop at 11-11-11…it’s only just begun!


    My grandauther was born this morning 11 -11-11- hour 12:35 = other 11 wath is the importance of this all numers???

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  18. Joseph

    uuuh i forgot… HAPPY 11.11.11. !!!

  19. Joseph

    something really good hapened today and every human being should be 100% happy and care only about the life and should provide peace!!! peace to you all from Croatia and peace to whole wide world!!! Live your lives and dont regret it at any time. :D

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  21. Terrence

    Sat Nam
    God Bless All Always!!! Happy 11.11.11



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  24. bairavi nallanathan

    11.11.11 on that day my sweet brother’s birthday also..his 29th birthday

  25. C. Smythe

    People . . . it is just another day. There are lots of other calenders out there where that day 11/11/11 is just another day . . . what makes you think our modern calender has any connection to ancient numerology superstitions? On that day just be glad you are alive and have a full belly. There are 7 billion people on the planet today and most of them have never heard of you superstitious numerology nonsense. So I bet this little note doesn’t get posted . . . typical . . .

    1. Ramdesh Kaur

      Sat nam C. Smythe! We’re posting your note, as we are open to a variety of opinions, but we’d prefer if you’d express yourself in a nicer way next time. There’s no reason to call the beliefs of certain people nonsense. We won’t call your disbelief nonsense, either! Thank you for reading our blog! ~Ramdesh

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  27. Callie

    I am celebrating my birthday on 11.11.11. Does this day mean any significance apart from being a year older?

  28. Els Namaste


    is there anybody who can tell me iff there is also something to do on 11-11-11 in the south of India?
    I will be traveling from 29 october until 18 november from Goa to Chennai, and I would love to be apart of the festivals!

    Also maybe some help with finding Kundalini Yoga lessons are teachers who I can meet there? Every information I find is located in the nord of India.

    Anybody tips for me?
    Thank you very much!
    With love,

  29. Leo Sonneveld

    11-11-11 is also the 3rd World Day of Interconnectedness,
    By organising a global 24 hour event with a focus and concentration on celebrating interconnectedness, we manifest and attract more of what we want on a global scale: a greater sense of interconnectedness as a foundation for a world that works for all life.
    Wonderful to learn about this event in India, it will certainly add to the experience and consciousness. A pity that not everyone will be able to afford participation.
    For an overview of more scheduled events see

  30. nitin

    rab ji ne banaye saari shristi. sab vadhiya. he has made all night and days . all years and light years . every day and date is just to remember him.

  31. Bert

    Nam Hari,
    Thank you for your intro to the vibrational forces associated with 11-11-11. More specifically, 11 is a “Master Vibration” equaling 2–the vibration of rhythm, flow, duality–but is derived from the combined vibrations of 1–singularity, initial force, creation, leadership. When we combine the three dates, 11-11-2011, the numbers add up to 8. Eight is the vibration of prosperity, organization. The combinations of ones & twos to give us eight is very Aquarian. It symbolizes the dynamic forces of individualism or self-motivation with a clear indication for the importance of union, duality, and balance toward a creation of prosperity and order. We live in unsettled times. Here again 11-11-11 is a sign post that, like the Hopi elder reminds us, we each must be our own leaders, but in cooperation and harmony with others in order to realize prosperity.
    I look forward to the festival and raising the vibrational spheres toward the positive creation of our New Age.

  32. Nam Hari Khalsa

    Greetings Caroline,
    Seeing the number 11 constantly could me any number of things. It might relate to something in your own numerology, as being born on the 11th, or in November, or it can mean something else entirely.
    It is most likely your soul tuning into the change of the age, and reminding your mind to stay in what is called “parallel unisoness”. The Aquarian Times website should be posting my video on this concept next week. This will help to round out the explanation.
    Nam Hari

  33. Caroline

    Hi, I keep seeing 11 all the time can you please explain in more detail what this is all about.

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