Ramdesh Kaur, MA, is an IKYTA Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher trained by Gurmukh.

She is the Director of Marketing for Spirit Voyage and writes extensively on yoga, spirituality and mantra. She hosts the show “Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh” on Unity FM, one of the Top 100 Itunes Podcasts, and leads Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Global Sadhanas, which bring together 20,000 meditators from 65 countries.

Before working with Spirit Voyage, she was the residential Kundalini yoga teacher at Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh, India in the Himalyan foothills, and has a Master’s Degree from the Courtauld Institute in London.

She is the author of “Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart” with Karan Khalsa and has three best selling guided meditation CDs “Journey into Stillness”, “Relaxation Meditations”, and “Stress Relief Meditations” (with crystal singing bowl master Ashana) all available on Spirit Voyage, ITunes and Amazon.

She teaches at festivals internationally and leads powerful personal creativity retreats in Mexico with her partner Harnam Singh, an accomplished mantra musician.


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46 responses to “Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Global Sadhana: Be in Flow with Your Highest Wisdom with Snatam & Gurmukh”

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  3. RT

    Sat Nam,

    I had signed up for the 40 day meditation but unfortunatley due to pesonal reasons, I missed the mediation on 2 consecutive days. I am feeling a little anxious about this and really want to get back on track. PLEASE advise what I should do, I rally want to complete this meditation.

    Thank you.

  4. Purificación

    Sat Nam,
    I have a question: how do you exactly have to pull the navel? Could you please clear it up? Because I guess I’m not able to do it in the right way and to coordinate it all.

  5. jasbeer


  6. jasbeer

    i have started the 40 days sadhna today post watching the video, it is beautiful sadhna,
    what kind of intention one has to do with Sadhna- i had the understanding the intention will be provided. Please guide me.

  7. Jaipreet Kaur

    I have a few questions…
    1. Is there a modification to the mudra? I have the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands and wrist which is improving daily w/my practice. But there are times that it very difficult to keep my elbows up and not lose the integrity of the position of my hands. Sometimes I bring my elbows down briefly to keep my hands from cramping. Any recommendation?
    2. Should I add anything extra or special to this sadhana? I have to take medication for my symptoms. I take an oral chemo medication once a week it affects the way I feel. Naturally, I just want to get the most out of this sadhana.
    Thank you for your help – Blessings to you
    Sat Nam

  8. Ramgeet Kaur

    I am doing this sadhana. I started this morning. It is beautiful. Love and Light to everybody else who’s doing it.

  9. Pavan Dev

    Sat Nam! Question 4 U – I am already doing the Sadhana Mantras for the Aquarian Age every morning, which includes 22 minutes of the Wahe Guru mantra. Could I combine this meditation into my regular routine or does this need to be its own separate meditation? For example, when I get to the Wahe Guru mantra, I could insert the Sitali pranayama and Gurprasaad mudra for 3 minutes. Then set a timer for 11 minutes of Wahe Guru using the mudra shown in the video (name of mudra?). Then after 11 minutes chanting, go back to the Vir Asan and continue with another 11 minutes of Wahe Guru and the remainder of the Aquarian sadhana. I don’t want to shortchange myself, but it seems somehow more efficient to combine them. What are your thoughts on this?

  10. Kat

    Hello – do we do the same chant every day? I feel silly asking, but I want to be sure -

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  12. Ilona

    Thank you for this beautiful mantra! I’m so looking forward to start this 40 day meditation on Sunday, can’t wait! Will you send email everyday with a new practise?

  13. ANGELA

    SatNam, I signed up for the 40 days ..so I am a bit confused so are we going to log in somewhere and watch a video everyday and do this together, or are we to log in and do on our own,,and yes also the mudra isnt so clear …Ok I look forward to hearing from you ….Amrita Kaur

  14. Dana

    This looks like it will be a very interesting sadhana. However I have a question 4 u guys, I noticed that 4 the pranayama you have to be able to curl your tounge. What if you can’t do that part then how would I do it?

  15. Bhagwati kaur

    Sat nam
    So how does one sign up???

  16. Dharamraj Kaur (Jules)

    very excited about this 40 day Sadhana. Thanks to Spirit Voyage and all involved.

    Wahe Guru,

  17. 40 Days Global Meditation – Who will sign up? | 40 Days to the Aquarian Age
  18. Alex

    muchas gracias desde Barcelona!! la haremos encantad@s!!! Saat Naam!!

  19. Sharlene Starr

    Sat Nam Ramdesh,
    In the book “The Mind” the instructions tell us to have our focus on the tip of the nose, but in the video Snatam tells us to have our eyes closed. Which is correct?
    Many thanks,

  20. Sean


    The written instructions for Snatam’s Wahe Guru meditation are different from how she describes in the video. The written instructions say to look at the tip of the nose and Snatam states in the video to close them and look at the brow point.

    Can we have clarification as to where we focus the eyes?

    Sat Nam,

  21. Jaipreet Kaur

    Sat Nam
    Ramdesh Kaur, Thank you for your timely & thoughtful responses

  22. Jaipreet Kaur

    Sat Nam
    This is great!
    I was wondering if they can be done back to back or do you need to do a kriya in between?

  23. Sat Kara Singh

    Sat Nam. We are going to do this meditation in Spain as well. Thank you very much for your instructions.

  24. Amarsuk Kaur

    Ramdesh I have been trying to contact someone at spirit voyage but is has been impossible.
    I need to contact someone there thta could help me.
    I want to buy music and sell it in my town The owner of the yoga center where I work said she needs music in her center´s store we have a a community here in Mexico.
    Ihave some money to invest and I would like to start business.
    I want to know policies, prices etc.
    Sat nam


  25. Kanta

    Sat Nam. Do you have any picture instruction for the mudra? I am confused with the finger posture as said
    ” The right thumb is bent and comes under the left hand and touches the palm. The left thumb is bent and also touches the left palm. The bent thumbs are pressed together so that thumbnails touch. ”
    And how can I get access to the video guidence?

  26. Fateh Singh

    This is great guys… But it’s almost like the entire community forgot all about the 1,000 meditation assigned by Yogi Bhajan! It was to be done until 11.11.11… Why not also promote the last 40 days of that as well? Here’s a link for those who are “old school die-hards”… :)


  27. Dana

    I watched the video & I have a question 4 u guys. What if you can’t curl your tounge like that? How would I do that pranayama? The other part I won’t have a problem with since I’ve downloaded the music video of that mantra from You Tube & have been chanting with it 4 quite some time!

  28. Karen

    I began practicing this yesterday because it seems so completely appropriate for me at this time, and have noticed a real sense of the fear and anxiety that lives in my solar plexus coming out. I’m assuming that the combination of pumping the belly, the meditation, and the other healing work I’m doing is moving goop out from where it’s been living for too long. It’ll be interesting to see where this process is by 11.11.11.

  29. Sundeep Kaur

    Sat Nam jio’s

    Please clarify hand mudra. In the video the left is on top of right. In the written instructions it’s the opposite.

    In gratitude :)

  30. Karen

    Oh, thank goodness! This is exactly what I need!

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