Songs to Soothe a Mother’s Heart

Motherhood is filled with joy and beauty, but as we all know, it also has its share of heartaches! As Mother’s Day approaches, I like to think of ways to celebrate motherhood and to pay homage to mothers (myself included!). In Kundalini yoga we are blessed to have so many beautiful songs and mantras that uplift us as women and as mothers. Soothing yoga music is a beautiful Mother’s Day gift to yourself. Here are a few of my favorite songs and CDs that are perfect to offer yourself and others not only as Mother’s Day gifts, but also on any day in your life as a mother. These songs and CDs are sure to soothe your heart and uplift you even when you’re stressed or worried.

Mother’s Blessing is a beautiful CD by Prabhu Nam Kaur and her daughter, Snatam Kaur. I especially love the track “Soi Sunandarhee” which includes the mantraWahe Guru Wahe Jio.” This is a heavenly selection; it sounds like two angels (mom and daughter) are singing together.

Mother’s Blessing by Prabhu Nam Kaur and Snatam Kaur

Mothers are healers; we kiss our children when they fall down and scrape their knees; we tend to their wounds, both physically and emotionally. But sometimes we also need to heal ourselves. The mantra “Ra Ma Da Sa” can be chanted to heal a mother’s heart, or to send healing out to another. Mirabai Ceiba’s track from A Hundred Blessings is gorgeous, as is Snatam Kaur’s from her album Grace.

A Hundred Blessings by Mirabai Ceiba

Grace by Snatam Kaur

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I came across the amazing track “Jai Ma” on Aykanna’s album, Mother. Jai Ma means, “praise to the divine mother who offers her protection.” This is truly one of the most soothing songs I have ever heard. Like a lullaby straight from the Divine, it will surely lead you to the compassion and grace in your own heart.

Mother by AYKANNA

Ardas Bhaee is a mantra that soothes my heart and soul every time I hear it. The mantra is for answered prayers, and of course, as mothers, we all have prayers for our children. Mirabai Ceiba’s “Ardas Bhaee” from The Heart of Healing is spellbinding. You’ll also find peace and joy in Gurunam Singh’s “Ardas-Prayer” from The Journey Home.

The Heart of Healing by Mirabai Ceiba

The Journey Home by Gurunam Singh

From Satkirin Kaur Khalsa’s Blessings of a Woman, I really love “Amrit Peevaho”… The Power of the Mother’s Prayer. Yogi Bhajan said that the greatest prayer is the power of the prayer of the mother. Recitation of this prayer protects, heals, blesses and invokes a powerful blessing. The next track on the CD is “Living Your Truth (Noble Woman)” with the English mantra “I Am Bountiful, I am Beautiful, I am Blissful.” Perfect words for mothers everywhere!

Blessings of a Woman by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Soothe yourself with “Ajai Alai” from the CD by the same name by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa. This mantra helps you overcome depression and anger, and is like a soothing blanket for your heart and soul.

Ajai Alai by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa

I also love “Aadays Tisai Aadays” by Snatam Kaur from the CD Prem. The mantra is said to instill the wisdom of the universe. As mothers we certainly need wisdom!

Prem (Love) by Snatam Kaur

Surrender by Sat Nishan Kaur was written during her first year of motherhood. Listen to this beautiful song and CD as you surrender, trust, and accept. Feel the peace of unconditional love and surrender.

Surrender by Sat Nishan Kaur

Last, but not least, treat yourself to “You Can Relax Now” from Shakta Kaur Khalsa’s wonderful collection of Kundalini music, Deeply Relax and Meditate. Settle into the bliss of this beautiful song, soothe your heart with the Mother’s Day gift of gentle, loving music, connect to the Divine, and enjoy your day. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Deeply Relax and Meditate by Shakta Kaur Khalsa


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