9 responses to “Snatam Kaur’s Spanish Offering: Mother’s Blessing – La Bendición De Tu Madre”

  1. Mary Kay Dellisanti

    I have been searching for a song to sing while praying for my children who are in
    their late teens and twenties. Whenever I sing it, a little miracle happens to one of
    them and I hear about it the next day. Thank you for your beautiful song Snatam Kaur.

  2. Karina Schießer

    VIELEN Dank, Thank you a lot god bless you…

  3. Nityaprema

    Thanks Snatam Kaur for this beautiful song!
    I want to clarify that the word “Abejorro” is a spanish word and I want to thank you Snatam Kaur and your friends to translate this beautiful song. Marvelous work!

    Har Har!

  4. raju saluja

    WOW !! UFFFF….Snatam’s voice…i can imagine how angels sing in heaven; thanks to her

  5. Veroushka

    This song is sooooo beautiful that it connects me to God so much…I speak Spanish and I know how hard it is to translate…but it is so beautiful. Me encanta! Maravilloso trabajo Snatam.

  6. Marina Suria

    I love the Mother’s Blessings song and I share it with many friends but there are some mistakes in the lyrics, like there is no word in spanish like “abejorro”, instead we use “abeja”. I would like to have many people listen to the song but I am afraid they will not understand some parts, also “que el amor sea tuyo propio” it should be translated ” que el amor llegue a ti” because when you use “yours” in spanish it is translated as “tuyo”, propio means “something that belongs to you and it is wrong to write “tuyo propio”. It is like saying that something is yours because it belongs to you at the same time. I hope I have been of help. I just love the song and I think that it should be sung everywhere by every mother to her child.

  7. Fi Hackett

    Beautiful track, one of my favourites despite it being heart-wrenchingly sad!

    Sarab Shanti, it’s Puta Mata Ki Asees- it’s contained in ang 496 which you can view here on SikhiToTheMax: http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=1839

  8. harpreet kaur

    atlast i found the lyrics after sittin infront of my laptop day n nite wow i just luved the lyrics n shabad amazin voice luv u snatam kaur n ur voice

  9. Sarab Shanti

    And how is the original shabd in gurmukhi? Can I listen to it somewhere? Thanks a lot

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