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  5. ST

    How much if using fresh turmeric root?

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  7. Bb

    Is it true that taking Tumeric on a daily basis be unsafe?

    1. Ramdesh Kaur

      While you might be able to take huge quantities and have that be not healthy, a reasonable amount of turmeric in the diet should not be unsafe.

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  11. Charity Miller

    Can i use another type of oil? i have been using sesame oil, and have been told about this recipe with coconut oil. i have been wondering if organic, virgin olive oil would be good also.

    thank so much

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  15. Cheng Siew

    It is difficult to find almond oil in Malaysia. May I know if it is compulsory to have almond oil or any replacement?

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  17. Golden Milk- The Cure to Just About Everything.
  18. Karen

    As a vegan, I’m thinking almond and oat milk would be ideal – and I could make the whole thing in my non-dairy milk maker!

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  20. Elly

    Thanks for sharing, it sounds wonderful! (I too can’t drink cow’s milk, so will use organic rice milk).

  21. Ramdesh Kaur

    Sat nam Josee,

    The answer there is yes and no. Ayurvedically speaking, cow milk is ideal. Milk warmed up with spices is the best way for the body to absorb calcium. Most of the anti-milk discussion comes from the fact that we drink cold, pasteurized milk in the US. Ayurvedically that’s a no-no. True, if you are having problems with too much mucus, Golden Milk might not be the thing for you at that moment. (Try Yogi Tea). If however you absolutely cannot use cow milk, use Organic nut milk or Organic Rice Milk. Soy Milk is not preferred for Golden Milk. The real treat of Golden Milk is in the Turmeric, which will lubricate your joints and balance your blood sugar and do just about everything else wonderful for your body!

    Hope this answers your question!

    Many blessings,
    Ramdesh Kaur

  22. Josée

    Can none dairy milk be used?

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  24. FilipFilip

    This is just about the best drink ever…

    I think it even beats out hot chocolate, and requires no white sugar, because you only need to use about 1 Tbsp of honey per cup of milk to balance for optimal sweetness.

    Another trick is to even add some nutmeg, cinnamon, or a cardamon seed if you like. Just to mix it up a bit, but not required.


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