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  2. Donna

    Please chant of my nephew, he is going through intense chemo of his Burkitt lymphoma cancer.

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  6. Jennifer

    Hello Snatam,

    I have had the distinct pleasure of singing/chanting with you at Kripalu. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. I also listen to a cd of yours throughout my day, and read the lyrics and pronunciations and translations as a means of bringing peace to my myself, my daughter and the world. Thank you for helping me to unblock my channels. I was wondering if you could tell us what the ‘guru…’ part says in full and what it means at the end of this mediation ( Ra, Ma, Da, Sa, Sa, Say, So… Hung.’
    Thank you again. Warmly, Jennifer Wilkinson

  7. Healing for yourself and others affected by the floods :: creativeevolution.com.au

    […] I’m sharing this healing meditation for you and for anyone you know who could benefit from it, that is called Ra Ma Da Sa. This version is sung by a woman called Snatam Kaur with the voice of an angel. Amazingly beautiful. It would be wonderful if you could get a group together and do this as a healing circle – even if you’ve never done anything else like this before or don’t have a connection with Yoga. Your family can do it together. Snatam created this with the very intention of offering healing to those who need it and at no cost. What a blessing she is.  Even just tuning into the music will open your heart and soothe your soul – babies and animals love it! And it is a powerful process you can use to offer healing at a distance. So if you are outside of Australia and would like to offer some energetic healing then please utilise this. Energy healing does make a difference! Your love and caring intentions will get through. The link here kindly provided by Lee explains how to do the meditation healing prayer – there are a couple of stages but it is very simple. This link also directs you to how to download the MP3 for free.  http://www.spiritvoyage.com/blog/index.php/ra-ma-da-sa-free-download-start-new-moon-meditation-today… […]

  8. Sat Saran

    Thank you very much Snatam. I’m so grateful for this, I just love it!

  9. Gloria

    Thank you so much for offering this mantra. I have been using it daily and I cannot believe how relaxed it has made me feel. At first I used it only with your recording (your voice is like an angel by the way). Now I quietly sing it by myself while walking, driving etc. as well as for sit down meditation sessions. I had not heard of associated hand movements and would love to find out more about that.

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  11. Spiritual Tube

    Its great i will try it your mantra Ra Ma Da Sa…

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    […] Ra Ma Da Sa — that is a fabulous healing meditation that calms and sooths. After 11 minutes you’ll feel wonderful. You can download an MP3 of that meditation, as well as instruction, at Spirit Voyage. […]

  13. Mary Beth Lewis

    This weekend I learned this beautiful chant. I was also shown a series of hand movements associated with each word beginning with finger tips together at just above the navel, hands moving a little apart and hands moving a little further apart. I would love to find a description or chart of these hand positions. Are you familiar with these? The movements made it very easy to maintain total concentration on the chant — very good for beginners/busy minds!
    Thank you for your help. Sending you Peace and Light, Mary Beth

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