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Kundalini Horoscope: June 15-21, 2015


The week is off to a busy start. There is plenty of communication-related activity on Monday. Much of the networking, planning, and socializing will help to undo the disruptions created by the recent Mercury-retrograde period that ended last Thursday. Everyone is playing catch-up.

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Adi Shakti Mantra


Adi Shakti is a mantra that connects you with your inner power and the divine feminine energy of the universe. If you’re tired, overwhelmed, burned out, or if you just want to give yourself an uplifting injection of Shakti power, tune in to this podcast. Ramdesh walks us through every step of this energizing chant to the goddess.

10 Lesser Known Yogi Bhajan Quotes


Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, was a prolific writer and lecturer on human potential and self-mastery. Maybe you’ve seen his quote “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all” but so many of his words are less well known.

Balancing Your Chakras: Life Hacks for Health and Alignment


Chakras are energy centers in your body and when they are out of balance it can contribute to mental and physical illness. Kundalini Yoga teaches you how to allow your energy to rise through your chakras so you can experience high consciousness. Here are a few quick tips for balancing your chakras to promote this flow of energy: