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Pranayama To Balance Nervous Energy


This meditation brings the entire nervous system and glandular system into balance. By putting the thumbs together in the mudra, the sciatic (nerve) is neutralized at the point of ego. (Thumbs represent the energy of the ego.) This particular balance puts pressure on certain meridian points in the shoulders.

An Interview With Yogi Amandeep Singh – Igniting the Light of our Consciousness


I had the honor to connect with Yogi Amandeep Singh at Summer Solstice. I’ve been so curious about him and his work, due to innumberable high praises of him in the kundalini world. I could feel the inspiration pouring from him during our conversation, and I hope to not miss his workshop at Sat Nam Fest East this year! From what I understand, his workshops are quite a journey in consciousness.

Offering up a Love Bundle


I am honored to share with you a practice that I have learned in my training, and hope that it brings a renewed sense of joy, gratitude, and peace into your life. Offering a “bundle” of items infused with gratitude, love and prayers help anchor this state of being within the spiritual matrix, and weaves heart centered energetic intentions out into the fabric of existence.