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Radio Recap: Sa Re Sa Sa Mantra


This podcast focuses on the uplifting mantra Sa Re Sa Sa, a mantra that addresses challenges, and will help you overcome adversity. Struggles help us become stronger, Ramdesh points out, but when they become overwhelming Sa Re Sa Sa can come to your aid.

In The Author’s Words: The New Yogi Manifesto


“The New Yogi Manifesto” by James Mihaley is a book of poetry containing beautiful prose surrounding the practice of yoga and yogic philosophy. James recently wrote this piece about one of his favorite poems in the book, called ‘Love Thing’.

Kundalini Horoscope: August 17 – 23, 2015


The Moon is growing! As a result, our energy is waxing. We have the energy we need to expand, grow, and work toward the goals that we set for ourselves at the time of the New Moon last Friday. Tuesday is a day for balance. It is a day for relationships.

Give Your Troubles to God – Snatam Kaur


Snatam Kaur has created a series of short videos relating to her newest release, Meditation Of The Soul: Jap Ji Daily Practice and Learning Tool. In her video, “Give Your Troubles to God,” Snatam shares the 5th pauri and her incredible experience with these sacred words.