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A Journey Within: Surrendering to the Unknown


It’s not always easy to let go. It takes time. It takes courage and most times it takes getting a lot of help and support. I know for me personally I had no idea the process of letting go was going to look this way. I didn’t know the complexities of the mind, body and soul could be so intricate and delicate. I didn’t know this journey could be as fascinating as it is frustrating.

Kundalini Horoscope: August 31 – September 6


The week is off to a rushed and somewhat frenetic start. The Moon is in Aries now, telling everyone to go, go, go! Meanwhile, emotionally we are coming off the heals of last weekend’s Full Moon, so there is likely to be a bit of residual emotion lingering in the air.

Honoring the Sacred Nitnem with Snatam Kaur


Snatam Kaur has created a series of short videos relating to her newest release, Meditation Of The Soul: Jap Ji Daily Practice and Learning Tool. In her video, “Honoring the Sacred Nitnem with Snatam Kaur,” she explains the importance of The Siri Guru Granth Sahib in Sikh tradition.