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Embracing the Journey: Conscious Breathing


Since I was the breath, the whole learning took a liking to being itself, and it was living through me instead of conglomerating for future gratification and use. Conscious breathing is one of the most incredible gifts that we can offer to ourselves. Kundalini Yoga offers many different types of breathing techniques to increase awareness, calm the mind, and guide a person to the presence of every moment.

Keep the Change: Simple Practices for Lasting Transformation


There are many benefits to a 40 – day practice including developing discipline and getting into a positive routine. Practicing a meditation or kriya for 40 days allows the meditation/kriya to penetrate the subconscious and release certain thoughts and emotional patterns. To support your 40-day practice, Kathe Forrest (Siri Kirin) has created an incredible learning tool, Keep the Change: Simple Practices for Lasting Transformation, to help you keep a consistent practice.

Radio Recap: Simrit Kaur and Karena Virginia


Tune into a fascinating chat with Ramdesh and two other radiant women—sacred chant artist Simrit Kaur and Kundalini yoga teacher Karena Virginia. The latter two women are leading a retreat called “Ecstasy of the Open Heart” in Playo Secreto Beach, Mexico, November 29 to December 5 and they talk not only about their plans for that special gathering but also their lives as women who are opening their hearts and fulfilling their dreams.

3 Ways to Break Free from Jealousy


Jealousy – the attack of the big, green-eyed monster! Last year I found myself plagued by jealousy which seemed come out of nowhere. It took me off guard. All of a sudden, I was having jealous and mean thoughts about someone who I really cared for. Thoughts that I knew were unhealthy and I always regretted. Thoughts which I confirmed, “Yes! This is not who I choose to be”.

Kundalini Horoscope: September 28 – October 4, 2015


The week is off to a rowdy, and perhaps anxious start. Everyone is bursting out of the gates this morning. You may notice it on your morning commute. Is everyone more aggressive on the road than usual? Perhaps people are pushier in line. Coming off of the past weekend’s Full Moon, there is still a high-charge of emotional energy in the air.

100 Days of Gratitude


When I embarked upon my Kundalini Yoga Teaching Training Immersion in 2014, I did not know that my life would be impacted so deeply by a soul, my friend DevJoti. During the course, DevJoti was diagnosed with cancer. She fought like the rock star – the super hero that she was, and continued her teacher training. She was a blessing to our class! At the time, we had no idea that her experience – filled with fight, strength, bravery, courage, grace and loving peace – would be the Guru it turned out to be.