On the Road with Ajeet Kaur: Home is Where the Love Is

Ajeet, second from left, with Snatam Kaur and her band

Ajeet, second from left, with Snatam Kaur and her band

Last Fall when I went on tour for the first time with Sukhmani Kaur and Ezra Landis, I fell in love. I fell in love with the way being on the road puts everything into perspective. Sure, traveling is tiring, but I just can’t say enough how much life changes when every moment is about sharing what we love. It’s like all negativity just melts away. Of course challenges arise, it’s life! But when we are doing what we love everything just becomes part of that. We were so inspired by each family we stayed with and their totally different, totally beautiful lives. Sukhmani and I are known for taking pictures of just about everything, and it’s because we find inspiration and comfort in the creativity that surrounds all of us. When Ramdesh Kaur (Spirit Voyage’s amazing marketing director) said, “Hey Ajeet, wanna write a blog?” I got so excited to share the things I am learning from you all on my travels. To share the many ways you inspire me.

Last month Snatam’s all ladies band went on our first mini-tour starting with Sat Nam Fest West and ending with Omega Chant Fest. Have you ever had that feeling when you are doing just the right thing, and if feels a bit like you jumped into a rushing river head first? It’s so fantastic when life really carries us, but keeping our heads above water is key. Snatam and I both recorded albums this winter, and sang on each other’s albums as well. So, as life has a way of making  everything happen at once, we were in the final moments of finishing our albums while on tour. It was pretty common for the band to say, “Hey, where’d she go?” and find one of us tucked in a corner somewhere with our headphones on trying to decide on the newest flute or tabla solo. It was a wildly busy time, but somehow we weren’t stressed. This is where the beauty of a girl band comes in (no offense, guys!).
I am quite sure that the most important ingredient in a happy life is a good sense of humor, and let me tell you, there is no shortage of laughter in our little group of amazing women. As Sukhmani says, “We like to take the Mick out of each other”. Picking up fun British phrases is just another bonus of tour life. It is the playful way that we make fun of each other that makes being stressed just about impossible. If one of us gets sick, tired or stressed, the other three go right into mama-mode and it’s just not possible to feel bad anymore. We really are in it together, and it’s the coziest touring experience I could imagine. There was one moment when we were in the airport with our mountain of luggage and four ladies waiting for one of those funny little golf carts to bring us to the other side of the airport. The man rolled up in his cart with a big smile on his face and said, “OK, I can take two of you now and come back for the others”. Snatam looked at him like he was joking and said something like, “We all go together”. He could tell these ladies weren’t going to be separated. After a little convincing he let us all pile in. I think we made a lot of people smile flying through the airport with our very adventurous Italian driver and way too many people packed in. But there it is, we all go together. Playing together is so incredible and special, but that is an extension of the joy and inspiration that is there on and off stage.
Whatever your rushing river is, that thing you truly love and let’s you feel inspired and alive, I encourage you to jump in head first today.
With love,

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