Mascara for the Aquarian Age: The Radiant Body

Ah, the radiant body! We use SHAKTI mantras for the radiant body to overcome depression and build self mastery. They are incredibly quick and effective. But what exactly is the Radiant Body?

The Radiant Body is what Maybelline, People Magazine, Lady Gaga and the Alexander McQueens of the world have no desire to market or cultivate: inner attraction…that certain something you cannot buy or sell.

What is attractive in us is not our covers, our makeup, our dress or undress. What is attractive is the radiance that comes from within our being. Our absolutely RADIANT body is a shining armor all around us. This subtle, shining armor protects us and attracts grace and opportunities. The strength of this armor relies on your using your prana and breath every day. Breathe absolutely consciously and then begin reciting the words of Shakti Mantra (“AJAI ALAI” or “GOBINDAY, MUKUNDAY” for example), with precision and a very focused breath. By doing so, you will build this radiant body and it will surely precede you when you walk into any room, any place, anywhere. You’ll be bringing the “wow” factor into your presence… a very deep and subtly genuine way.

They say in the fashion world, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Well my dears, if you are working on your radiant body then get out there and share it, teach it and let people know what fuels your graceful face….it ain’t mascara.

(Editor’s Note: For more information on Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Global Sadhana: Radiant Body, click here.)



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  1. Sat Nam, Satkirin,
    Loved the analogy of mascara and the radiant body. Would you indulge me by reading my observation of the RB?

    In a former singing group, (non-Sikh) there was one man who, though not handsome by any means…. in fact, balding, glasses, grey-haired, very short…..nevertheless had women fighting over him. Hmmmm…. Grown woman would fight over who was to sit next to him. He’d enter a roomful of people, and everybody wanted to speak with him – friend and stranger alike. Moths to the flame like I’d never witnessed before.

    He’d sometimes project his conscience to me, and tell me what was going to happen in the future! Very trippy!

    This man is Jewish by birth, although not practicing any faith currently. I studied this man like a lab rat. I did his astrological chart, numerogical chart, chinese astro – you name it. He still remains even amoung Sikhs that I have known, the person with the strongest naturally-gifted radiant body I’ve ever met.

    As a life-long Hatha yoga devotee, concurrently at the time of meeting this man, I studied Kundalini. Whilst reading a book one-day – the explaination of the radiant body appeared. Astounding! This is what was going on when he walked into a room!!


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