Marijuana and Kundalini Yoga

PrintMarijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the world. Its use is a very controversial topic and has been long debated. Some cultures use marijuana for religious rites while others outlaw its use.

Depending on the user’s reaction to marijuana, it can be defined as a depressant, stimulant or hallucinogen. Common reactions to marijuana use include distorted perception, memory impairment, poor concentration, delayed motor functions, paranoia, stress relief and increase of appetite. The drug effects the nervous/ sensory system, immune system, mucous production, heart rate, blood pressure and the brain. In the workplace, employers have found that habitual marijuana use leads to lack of productivity, laziness, absenteeism and tardiness in employees.

According to Yogi Bhajan, marijuana is a drug and when it comes down to Kundalini Yoga, he said that, “Drugs and Kundalini Yoga don’t mix.” Yogi Bhajan specifically said, “The term ‘pothead’ derives from a state of mind peculiar to those who use marijuana. This state of mind is said to be caused by blockage of spinal fluid and acupressure meridians at the base of the neck.” Also intoxicating drugs like marijuana are tamasic which ties one to Maya and the illusions of the earthly realm.

There are millions of ways to escape your inner and outer realities through consuming drugs, alcohol, sugar, junk food, sex, etc. Marijuana is just another vehicle. After smoking marijuana, it can take hours for the effects to wear off and days for it to get out of your system. At least with meditation, one can come back at anytime.

Working with drug use actually doesn’t have as much to do with the drugs themselves, but the underlying reasons why a person needs to take them. If you are ever feeling anxious and smoke marijuana, the anxiety seems to disappear. The truth is that the anxiety doesn’t disappear, but the link to that feeling gets disconnected. This doesn’t mean that the anxiety is resolved, it just means that you will have to deal with it later. Truly as a conscious being, when faced with anxiety, we need to meditate on it to investigate the root cause to integrate it with our consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga’s aim is to bring awareness where there isn’t awareness. That means being completely aware of all that is going on in your mind, body and external environment. You are free to make any decisions that you want as it is your life, however marijuana can take one away from the reality that they are seeking. Marijuana doesn’t help one develop a meditative mind. On the contrary, it can take years to repair the system to get to the point where you were prior to marijuana use. Just remember that there are no short cuts in the process and you cannot rely on any outside substance to bring you into yourself. There is no substitute to Sadhana. Sadhana is hard work and commitment that cannot be bought anywhere.

When dealing with any kind of substance abuse, it is important to work on the underlying emotional root causes to truly heal. There are tons of great resources and kriyas for every kind of disorder. It just takes hard work, consciousness and taking responsibility.

With Marijuana specifically, a great resource is Sadhana Guidelines which has the following kriyas and meditations that work with repairing the system from marijuana use:

  • Maha Agni Pranayam: This meditation was taught by Yogi Bhajan as a remedy to relieve “Marijuana Brain”, which is a reaction from marijuana use.
  • Meditation for Habituation- The most recommended meditation for dealing with addiction.

    Sa Ta Na Ma – 62 minutes by Snatam Kaur

  • Flexibility and the Spine- Yogi Bhajan says this kriya is good for releasing poisons in the tissues from drug use.
  • Magnetic Field and Heart Helper: Yogi Bhajan said of one asana that it, “Repairs damage to brain by marijuana and alcohol use”.

Kundalini Yoga: Sadhana Guidelines

A few good remedies you can use to repair the system from drug use include:

  • Yogi Tea- for the nervous system

    Yogi Tea

  • Golden Milk– for repairing the nervous system
  • Banana Fast to remove drug deposits in the medulla
  • When freaking out during drug use, Yogi Bhajan advised a foot massage with garlic juice.

For more information on Yogic remedies for drug use, check out Yogi Bhajan’s Food for Health and Healing.

Foods for Health and Healing

For additional resources on substance abuse and Kundalini Yoga, check out:





  1. I think that both sides are right. it depends where the individual is on their journey with God. but i think what we are more focused on is the ABUSE of these substances, let’s not even call them drugs. and mary jane is very habit forming ( i know) i have been the biggest pot head. and while it is true you can find new perspectives through pot, if one isn’t very discerning about the plants function and use it can become a spiritual crutch. this is my experience. when i was 18 because i was very healthy against smoking, but everyone assumed i smoked pot because of my attitude. for some reason i thought maybe it would be good if i began smoking and i loved the effects. MJ would sooth my nerves, anger, and open up my creative mind. ( i didn’t know about kundalini at the time, but i was practicing yoga for more superficial reasons like physical fitness instead of considering all 11 bodies! i love meditating on all our bodies, i just got chills. (: SAT NAM

  2. But I suppose taking Nutmeg to catch a buzz is ok because it’s not a drug? I love KY and practice daily, but I have found no compelling reason to stop using cannabis other than “yogi ji said so”. I agree that if we look into almost every culture (particularly mystic) there she is, cannabis. Even in sikhi we have examples such as the Udasi Sikhs to Guru Gibind Singh prescribing a drink mixture of bhang and opium called sukhdhani to come in chardi kala (HIGH Spirits) I was even told by a Sikh in Espanola that Yogi ji had tea recipes that could not be published because it was illegal. I have a feeling as we move further into the aquarian age that things will change.

  3. Interesting article as well as responses. One other thing you may want to try next time you light up is pressing on your forehead after you get high. It will supposedly be numb. I’ve never been interested in pot, but a fellow kundalini yogi who was shared this with me. Numbing of the frontal lobe would impair certain faculties. Remember that there are many systems and that this article deals with kundalini yoga and it’s practices.

  4. I just came from a yoga class off edible marijuana one of the greatest experiences of my life. I find almost all of what your writing ridiculous in that your view on marijuana is completely skewed by western propaganda yet your trying to apply it to standards of eastern spirituality. Which is perplexing to me because eastern spirituality is all about cannabis, Shiva was supposed to be made out of hemp. It’s very weird to stumble across a spirituality website with such close minded, misinformed views. Please look deeper into the roots of yoga and its deep relationship with soma and cannabis before you spread propaganda.

    • Dear noctilucentmusik,

      We of course respect your right to use marijuana, as we hope you will respect our right not to. The author of this article and Spirit Voyage in general have an absolute mandate to share Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, which includes the teaching that Marijuana is not conducive to intuitive living. Of course there are other schools of thought within the history of yoga about this. However, it is not propaganda…it is a way of life. Please keep your comments polite, as this is a space of love and learning. There is a way to share a differing opinion without belittling the writers or publishers of this blog.

      Many blessings,

    • Aloha Noctilucentmusik,

      There are many interviews you can find of Saddhu’s confessing their addiction to marijuana, warning people of that. Soma is suppossed to be an inner bliss stemming from communion with the Creator that isn’t dependent on any outside object of manifest reality. Sure the plant has it’s place to do work with (consumption not necessary), but the spirit of that plant is very offended from people misusing it, so as of now it is difficult to use it in any astral, harmonious way. I can only tell you from my personal experience that after stopping marijuana use for the past 3 years, I feel so much more clear energetically, but I am conscious of lingering affects and and working to repair my nadis and nervous system. That’s how I came to this page. Just my experience though. Also, reading the article puts me into a deep recapitulation of times I was high and how my perception was always distorted whether it was in regards to my relationships with people or my own falsified inner reality coated with a nice layer of superficial spirituality that temporarily hid my brokenness.
      Best Wishes to you on your Journey,

  5. Marijuana is a gateway drug to a deeper sense of self.

  6. Good article about Mariujana. Many ppl need to read this. Wonder if there are more spacific effect by each ingreadients of M. plant. Also can you mentioen/write about entities/lower sprits atachements causd by M.use? Most pple who use M. plant attract orand carry lower no-hysical beigs AND dense emotional energies. If the article canmentioe about thes, itwould be great & maybe more pplpay attetion to what you write/mentioe, what/how you work. Thak you very much. SAT NAM, Ky


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