Sirgun Kaur is a yogini, writer, and musician. She is based in Santa Monica, CA, where she teaches kundalini yoga to children ages 3-12, leads kirtan, and helps to organize a yoga festival in the Spring and Fall. For more information, you can visit her website (, or her blog (

3 responses to “Mantra Resolutions: 3 Mantras for the New Year”

  1. Sirgun Kaur

    Olga — I’m so glad. =)

    Lucie — Sure. Buddhi mudra is a great mudra to hold while you are chanting pretty much anything. It is the mudra for improved communication, which binds the ego (thumb) and mercury (pinky) energies together. You can choose the active or passive versions. Active means you are pressing your thumb on the pink fingernail. Passive means you are pressing your thumb on the tip of the pinky.

    A popular position to hold while chanting “Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Raam Daas Guru” is the following: sitting in easy pose, bring your left hand to your heart center (at the center of your chest), then place the right palm over it. For a photo, you can refer to the cover of my album actually:–Sirgun-Kaur/CDS-004292.aspx

    There are many many many more mudras and yogic postures you can hold while chanting mantras. Yogi Bhajan gave so many different meditations with these mantras.

    In addition to holding a pose or mudra, you can make up a celestial communication to any of the kundalini mantras. You would want to do it in front of a mirror or tree if you are leading it by yourself. If you were in a group, you could lead it and everyone would watch you. Here is an example of a celestial communication:

    Hope that helps!

  2. lucie fialova

    SatNam. thank you for these 2012 mantras. would you also please give us some suggestions for mudras to go with them? many thanks

  3. Olga Tarabashkina

    Thank you for this! This is exactly WHAT I intuitively put on as tracks into my yoga classes, but now I know why they are coming to me. The mantras for this year…yeah!

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