Mantra for Overcoming Failure: Thaapia Na Jaae (the 5th Pauri of Japji)

Yogi Bhajan said that the 5th Pauri of Japji was to be recited 11 times when “you feel a sense of failure within yourself.  When you feel that you are not up to the job, this pauri will grant you all success.”

We are often confronted with situations where we forget our power and strength and become convinced that our own failure is inevitable.  We forget our light, and so can only see the darkness.  The key is…the light within you cannot have gone out.  The Light of God is within every heart and it does not extinguish.

The 5th pauri is the light switch that can help you turn that light back on and banish the darkness.  You are a radiant being capable of success beyond your imagination.   There is not challenge in front of you that does not have the power to make you stronger, braver and wiser.

The line “Dukh parhar sukh ghar lai jaae” refers to the casting away of pain and the arrival of joy and peace. Sing and love the Divine and your pain will melt away.  Take the feeling of failure within you and replace it with love.  Feel the support of the loving energy of the Divine that animates this Universe and love it right back.  A feeling of failure doesn’t stand a chance in the vibration of Divine Love…it will shatter.

In the place of failure, stands success.  In the place of pain, lies peace.


The 5th Pauri of Japji

Thaapiaa na jaae kitaa na hoe.

Aape aap niranjan soe.

Jin seviaa tin paaiaa maan.

Naanak gaaviai guni nidhan.

Gaaviai suniai man rakhiai bhao.

Dukh par har sukh ghar lai jaae.

Gurmukh nadang Gurmukh vedang gurmukh rahiaa samaai.

Gur isaru gur gorakh barmaa gur paarbati maai.

Je hau jaanaa aakhaa naahi kahnaa kathan na jaai.

Guraa ik deh bujhaai.

Sabhna jiaa kaa ik daataa so mai visar na jaai.


Dharmapal’s beautiful version of the 5th pauri will comfort your soul.

Listen to the sweet sounds of Japji with Ocean while you sleep to have all the Pauris wash over you and infuse you with Divine Light.



  1. Are there any recordings available of people reciting Japji really slowly? Doing it like language learning courses, I mean – really, really slowly and building into a sentence at a time? I’m just ploughing through and hoping for the best. I can’t recite along with any of the recitations I’ve found because even the “slow” ones are just too fast for me right now, so I’m listening and hoping that I’m unconsciously learning the basic shape of the sounds, as I can only distinguish a few words here and there consciously.

    Part of me worries that I’m Doin It Rong and that this is BAD. Most of me is just ploughing ahead with good intentions and just assuming that making efforts to improve my pronunciation makes up for it.

  2. I like It.


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