Mantra for Letting Go: Ardas Bhaee

Even now, in this moment, it’s hard to let these words go.  When words hit the page, the author is revealed.  You can see the inner working of my mind in an intimate way. I cannot pull them back once they’re out there.  It’s not quite the fear that they won’t be good enough; that would be too easy, too predictable.  I haven’t figured it out yet.  It’s a difficult thing for anyone, artist or not, to give all they are to the world and then let go.  To deliver what they have to offer and trust it will be enough. Mothers who watch their children go off to school must feel similarly. She who was one body with that divine, young creature must trust that this now separate being will be safe without her.

Letting go is part of life.  Death is the only guarantee for each human, and so everyone must let someone else go.  The seasons change. Lives move on. The world is not the same.  Our cultures do not stay stagnant, nor return to any golden days of yore despite political pressure.  You cannot return to any value fashioned out of old. Nothing will ever be the same.  Life moves forward, never back.  We let go of each breath, each heart beat.  We let go of each birthday, each birth.  We become very accomplished at letting go, and yet, it’s so easy to fight nearly to the death to hold onto things.

This does not make us weak.  In fact, this is natural.  We are eternal beings in bodies that die. This illusion of impermanence offends to the very core our endless nature.  When we identify with the illusion, letting go wounds us.  If we identify with our infinite nature, with the boundless creativity of the Universe, we begin to realize that letting go is a perfect part of constant expansion.  We can’t think our way into this peace.  We can’t reason our way into this knowing.

We must experience a connection with the larger plan to know this gentle grace.  We must reach out to the Infinite and ask “Are you sure?” in order for God himself to lean down and whisper in our ears “Yes!”

Choose the pain you need to let go of. Choose the fear, the anger, the thing you did years ago that you can’t forget.  Choose the situation you are ready to leave behind.  And chant this mantra:

Ardas Bhaee, Amar Das Guru,

Amar Das Guru, Ardas Bhaee,

Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru,

Ram Das Guru, Sachee Sahee.

This is a way of calling upon Guru Amar Das and Guru Ram Das (who represent the Hope of the Hopeless and the Lord of Miracles).  It begins by affirming that what you are saying is a prayer. You then connect with their powerful energies.  And then “sachee sahee”….you release it and let it go.  You know that your prayer is heard and it’s done.  This is the mantra of answered prayers, of moving beyond difficult situations, and gracefully letting go.

Need to “Let Go and Let God”?  There’s a mantra for that.  And an answered prayer waiting for you just around the bend.  As for me, I let my words out into the world. See? It works.

Editor’s Note: Originally published on Ramdesh’s blog No Ordinary Light.  


Listen to a variety of divine versions of Ardas Bhaee chanted by these artists.

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  1. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I purchased the Ajeet Kaur track from the 40 Day Global Sadhana, and now realize how much I need to go back to this. Plus Ardas Bhaee is part of my daily suggested sadhana, which everyone should get from 3HO if they haven’t already.

  3. Beautiful article. : ) I have been singing Ardas Bhaee in my head for the past few days and listening to the Nirinjan Kaur version nonstop, but I couldn’t remember what the words in the mantra meant. The way you describe it is beautiful! And it makes perfect sense why this has been my mantra of late too.

  4. I’m clicking through the list of mantras, and at least half of them seem appropriate as I hit the halfway point of the 40-day sadhana! Unprocessed anger has been playing a large part in my health problems, weighing down my poor bodymind’s systems, and the sadhana has been stirring up all sorts of symptoms. Reading these articles, part of me is thinking I’d do nothing but meditate if I used all the useful resources available on this site! I am reminding my perfectionist ego that I can choose to use different resources at different times :)

    • I’m glad you are finding good information in my “Mantra for” series…there are so many incredible mantras and they always seem to resonate with me as well at different times. Blessings!

  5. very beautiful, Ramdesh! It is natural to let go and it is un-natural to get stuck. It is our mission to see the extraordinary in most ordinary and must understand that having ability to do that is nothing but normal. When you choose to let go, you choose peace. When you choose to forgive, you choose to love all that is. Trust, trust, trust.

    • Thank you Olga! I’m coming to learn that instead of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, the truth is there is nothing ordinary but the extraordinary. Thank you for being extraordinary!



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