Ramdesh Kaur, MA, is an IKYTA Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher trained by Gurmukh.

She is the Director of Marketing for Spirit Voyage and writes extensively on yoga, spirituality and mantra. She hosts the show “Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh” on Unity FM, one of the Top 100 Itunes Podcasts, and leads Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Global Sadhanas, which bring together 20,000 meditators from 65 countries.

Before working with Spirit Voyage, she was the residential Kundalini yoga teacher at Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh, India in the Himalyan foothills, and has a Master’s Degree from the Courtauld Institute in London.

She is the author of “Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart” with Karan Khalsa and has three best selling guided meditation CDs “Journey into Stillness”, “Relaxation Meditations”, and “Stress Relief Meditations” (with crystal singing bowl master Ashana) all available on Spirit Voyage, ITunes and Amazon.

She teaches at festivals internationally and leads powerful personal creativity retreats in Mexico with her partner Harnam Singh, an accomplished mantra musician.


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6 responses to “Mantra for Changing Your Destiny: Mul Mantra (The Opening of Japji)”

  1. Amandeep Kaur Dhanoa

    Ssa ji.. i am going through vry hard time.. my family is looking for a boy for my marriage but no where positive response comes.. somebody said one of our familiy membet did black magic like i dont get marry @ good place.. ! Can u guide what matra or path should i recite and get rid off from all nwgative energies and marry the right one.
    plz help me.

  2. satinderpal kaur

    Sat siri akhal g ..im satinder…i love some one and our realtion is going on ago 4 years….that time he wanted to marry with me….. but my real sister dant want to see happy with each other and now she use some black magic on us …now that boy reject me for marriage he is under infulence of black magic …..plzzzzzzzzz tell me any way or gurbani path that can help me for marriage………waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh….plzzzzzz help me god …

  3. puneet kour

    I am a sikh girl. I want to marry a boy he belongs to hindu family. But my mom is not agreed. Plz help me. What I can do. Which gurbani help me to agree my parents. I am very thankful for you if you would resolve my problem.

  4. Spirit Voyage Free Music Friday: “Mul Mantra” by Dharampal Kaur

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  5. Sada Nam Kaur

    Great article, thank you. My intention is to complete 11 repetitions of mul mantra for 1000 days. I am a little over a quarter way through and already my life is transforming in front of my eyes with old patterns disappearing and every day I am more surrounded by love, prosperity and joy. However perhaps more importantly is the deep sense of inner peace that it gives me.
    It is such an easy practice. It takes me about 3 mins a day.
    There are a couple of technical points: I do each repetition in one breath and make a little pause between ajoonee and saibhang.
    Thank you for the article. Sat Nam

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