Mantra for Attracting Money and New Opportunities: Har Har Har Har Gobinday

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While we all have something to say about the current political and economic climate, it ultimately does us no good to dwell on the negative, even if the more practical lecture that this is our “reality” and we have to deal with it.

We have the power to create a new reality for ourselves with positive thinking, conscious action. and a little tool in our mantra belt called Har Har Har Har Gobinday.

According to Yogi Bhajan, this mantra brings wealth in the form of money. Not just generalized abundance, but good old money. It also brings new opportunities. This is not superstition. This mantra has a measurable effect on changing the mental pattern.

By chanting these words, the tongue is hitting the upper palate, which is chock full of meridian points, which affect the hormone-secreting glands (pituitary, hypothalamus) and create a release of the good-guy hormones. These in turn help you to think more positively and get a handle on your mental projection. Then, you can project a better world and attract it to you. It’s an ancient version of the now-popular Law of Attraction concept.

Set the intention for yourself to attract money and new opportunities and use this mantra to seal the deal. Let us know what amazing things happen as a result!

Har Har Har Har Gobinday

“Har” is a name for God that symbolizes creative power and prosperity.  The words were written by the 10th Sikh Guru, the soldier saint Guru Gobind Singh. Translations never really do mantras justice, as there is a power and meaning within the ancient words that isn’t quite repeated in a translation, but here is a simple translation of the words within this mantra:

Har – Infinite Divinity
Gobinday – Sustainer
Mukunday – Liberator
Udaaray – Enlightener
Apaaray – Infinite
Hariang – Destroyer
Kariang – Creator
Nirnaamay – Nameless
Akaamay – Desireless

You can leave this mantra playing in your home, you can chant it as you drive, or you can practice this Kundalini meditation.

There are many beautiful versions of this mantra. Below are some Spirit Voyage favorites:





  1. hi
    i have read such good comments about your site , and my problem is my husband and i work so hard but it’s always negative bank balance , i havnt had a raise at work for 2 years now . Sometimes it gets to a situation where we are left with cents in our bank with no gas money . i have tried pretty much everything but nothing seems to work or stay steady . if you can guide me to the correct path would be my last hope .

    • nanna jathakada bagge

  2. Sat Nam,

    Can you please help me with a powerful mantra ,i am living in india and has been unemployed from the last 3 years ..have given 100 of interviews but wherever i go ,may be my bad karma that i am rejected.
    Everything seems to be going away from me …and now tired from life but still have faith in god.. Please help me how can i get my life back on track ..and start working and supporting my family

    Rohit Arora

  3. please, I have so much problem in my life concerning my business, I worked all day but I don’t received any money.

  4. Hi Ramdesh Kaur
    With all the respect i,m in a saturn(shanidev) Mahadasha perion till 2032, sometimes it frigthen me a lot wichs mantra i can use to still the mind and stop to have fear for this period?
    Thanks anyway i will try some of the mantra’s to have a grip on my life.

    • There are many mantras that might work well for you, Edward. “Bhaja man mere hari ka nam hari ka nam sat nam.” comes to mind. As does “Guru Guru Waheguru Guru Ram Das Guru.”

  5. thank for mantras

  6. Sat Nam,

    this mantra changed my life.
    I am so thankful it came to me when I needed it the most.
    My career was stuck and I lost my day job, when I decided to step back and meditate, to keep clear within the chaos.
    I started playing the mantra non-stop at home, I listened to it on the bus, and I sat down to chant and meditate whenever I could find the strength and time.
    I combined this mantra with the “aap sahe” mantra.
    Not only did I find a job in no times, that job led me to a new career, one that I have been wishing for as a kid, but as an rationalist adult it seemed to be a silly idea to follow.
    After my commitment to this new career path, but no money for further education into that direction I got a sponsorship for the best imaginable course…
    I will be graduating in a few weeks time.
    This mantra is very very powerful.
    Thank you so much for sharing it.

    • That is so wonderful Liv. May the wisdom in the song (the shabad guru) continue to uplift you! Blessings.


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