Mantra Chanting: Ang Sung Wahe Guru

Ung sung waa-hay guroo

The dynamic, living ecstasy of the universe is dancing within every cell of me

Mantra chanting with Ang Sung Wahe Guru celebrates the realization that there is no piece or part of ourselves, no action, and no life that is not already the living vibration of the Infinite. It is all God. We are one.

Yogi Bhajan said, in The Master’s Touch, that “…if you have put God outside of you, there’s nothing in you, and that’s why you’re suffering.” He continued, “You need a reality that Ang Sang Wahe Guru, with every limb, with thirty trillion cells of you which change themselves every seventy-two hours, God is in you.”

This mantra is used to eliminate haunting thoughts, bring peace when there is emotional imbalance, and to counter the phobias and depression that can happen in times of war. It reminds us of the larger connection with the universe and takes us out of limited, defensive thinking.

There are numerous beautiful meditations that involve mantra chanting with Ang Sang Wahe Guru. The Meditation for the Seventh and Eighth Chakras and Meditation to Feel God in Your Heart both use the mantra out loud. Other meditations use repetitions silently on the breath as a meditative pranayama. Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa recommends in her book, Kundalini Yoga: the Flow of Eternal Power, that this mantra be used while massaging the body during a cold shower. This morning practice starts the day with remembrance of God (and many other benefits of taking cold showers).

Listen to it, recite it, sing it; this mantra is great anytime. Check out Sat Kartar’s irresistibly uplifting version on the Flow CD, the smooth, modern expression on Aurora’s Dubiquity, or the classic version, used in many Kundalini Yoga sets and White Tantric Yoga courses, on Meditations for the Aquarian Age by Nirinjan K. Khalsa.

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  1. I am just writing to connect with you, as your site looked interesting as I was searching through possible places to do a Shaktipat and chanting program in Phoenix. We do both kirtan and Shaktipat programs and were wondering if you may be able to help us find somewhere to do a program in Phoenix…We will be there from Feb. 9-11.

    Thanks so much,

    Jai Ma!


    Kai Shanti OM

  2. This is a great Mantra to do with children. They love it. It is great to use as a warm up with normal marching , touching the toes, wide leg marching, crossing the mid line marching . The celestial meditation fo this mantra is great for children too. I have 2 and 3 year old students who beg for me to play Ang sung wahe Guru.


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