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  • How to Use a Mala for Meditation

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  1. мандрівка тернопіль

    Ѵery nice ɑrticle, exactly wht I wanted to find.

  2. Narinder Paul Singh

    I would like to know how to meditate !

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    […] the stress of this week. Getting back to my meditation practice – a good friend, gave me a mala this weekend, a special gift, that I’ll put to good […]

  4. mama maintenance : 1/52. -

    […] and working toward change, I’ve been taking a few minutes in the morning to meditate with a mala. Sitting in (relative) peace and calm, running my thumb over each bead and reciting a […]

  5. Mala for Meditation | Mamabluebird

    […] I have been thoroughly enjoying taking yoga classes on a weekly basis. When I started in January, I could barely breathe. My breath was shallow and corpse pose, the last pose in any class, where you lie there and try to relax for 5-10 minutes was difficult. I was all over the place in my mind at first, but with the help of a great teacher and having to do it consistently each week I got to where it became second nature. I wanted more; more meditation, more mantra work. At that point, I stumbled upon a post by Whoorl on Malas and Meditation. It’s a really great video with a lot of interesting information and links to more in-depth knowledge. Here is a link to a lot of the same info sans video. […]

  6. All About Kundalini Yoga: The Mind & Meditation

    […] Mala Meditation: Using a mala is a simple way of reducing stress and enhancing wisdom. Many cultures use "worry beads" or "rosaries" in a similar way.  It gives the mind something to focus on that is positive and relaxing.  Mala meditation has its own science to it.  Each finger represents something and the beads themselves bring in different energies. […]

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  8. Mala: A Tangible Prayer |

    […] stacked, splayed, and sorted all over our picnic table, they showed me how to string together a mala. Since then, I have held, worn, and fingered the smoothness of those beads in an attempt to hold on […]

  9. Restarting a Meditation Practice – Just Breathe Through It

    […] Saturday – 5 minutes with Simply Being and another 5 with the mala beads.  I had that angst again; it dissipated towards the end, and I felt more centered.  With the mala beads, I used a mantra of “Let it go” as I clicked each of the 108 beads across the top side of my index finger tip.  To learn more about the acupressure points of the finger tips, read […]

  10. Påfyll « CamiNicol

    […] Hvordan bruke Mala i meditasjon […]

  11. Alchemy

    Thanks, this was a great article, especially regarding the meridian points and use of crystal therapy in malas

  12. How to Use, Cleanse, and Store Mala Beads « Daily Cup of Yoga

    […] the Spirit Voyage blog, which has a trove of meditation mantras, I discovered some interesting information about […]

  13. Brian

    Thanks for this great article on malas! Just what I was looking for. I hadn’t heard about the meridian points on the fingers. Going to work on that.

  14. How to Meditate in 7 Easy Steps

    […] Using a mala greatly enhances your meditation. […]

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