Liz’s Sat Nam Fest Experience: Day 4 Recap

Photo by Carl Kerridge

For our final morning sadhana of Sat Nam Fest West, Mirabai Ceiba led the morning chanting. They had a full band with them, and it was a great way to start the day!

After breakfast, Gurmukh and Snatam returned to the stage for their second class. The canopies of the yoga tent had been thrown wide open, and the wonderful weather made for a beautiful backdrop. Where courage and intensity had been the order on Saturday, heart opening and love were the way of things on Sunday. Of course there were still challenging elements to the class, but Gurmukh kept us in good humor throughout. There was a wonderful moment when she instructed everyone to find a partner or two, and support each other through the most difficult portion of the class. Maybe I am not speaking only for myself when I say that without the smiles and support of the two beautiful women next to me I might not have made it through. We also had a long period of dancing, keeping the energy moving and opening our hearts even further.

Photo by Carl Kerridge

At the end of the class we all got a special treat. Jai Fuller, director of the Sat Nam Fest kid’s camp, brought up the children to share some of their activities. We got to see the beautiful prayer flags they made, and hear some of their prayers for the world. They also sang some of the songs they’d been working on. Snatam talked a bit about the next Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana, which will pray for the children of the world, and we got to see a beautiful Celestial Communication to the mantra Gobinday Mukunday. I am pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere in the tent!

Photo by Carl Kerridge

Simrit Kaur and her awesome band then took the stage for the final kirtan of Sat Nam Fest. Her voice echoed across the desert, captivating us all. What I personally love about her music is the interplay between her sweet voice and the powerful, rocking musical sounds that go along with it. With a mix of old and new, mantra and alt-rock covers, it was a great way to close out the morning.

Photo by Carl Kerridge

Guru Singh taught the final yoga class, accompanied by the GuruGanesha Band. He started with a fantastic and comprehensive lecture about human nature and the importance of yoga practice. Sometimes, in the midst of all that is going on in the world, we all need a reminder of WHY we need to keep up. Guru Singh gave that answer, and was a big inspiration. The remainder of the class was invigorating and powerful.

Photo by Carl Kerridge

The closing ceremony was a really nice way to end the entire experience of Sat Nam Fest. All of the teachers and artists joined together on stage, and everyone present sang their hearts out. Looking around, there were smiling faces everywhere.

Photo by Carl Kerridge

Sat Nam Fest West was an amazing event, and I am definitely ready to book my ticket for next year! If you couldn’t come this time, there’s always Sat Nam Fest East in September. Give yourself the gift of attending these powerful yoga classes and wonderful kirtans. It’s so worth it!


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  1. Thanks for encapsulating the final day of Sat Nam fest so well Liz. The warmth of the sun made this final day extra special. I remember laying in the sun outside the tent listening to Simrit Kaur, was amazing. And then to end it off with my favourite yoga teacher Guru Singh was just amazing. It was great to talk to some people who’s that was their first class with him and hear their reaction. Can’t wait til next year!


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