Kundalini Yoga to Overcome the Negative Mind

Human chakra systemFear based living is a terrible block in the way of progress. The Negative Mind hooks up with your ego to push you away from everything that is good for you. Fear reaches into the deep dark pits of your imagination and pulls up every possible nasty scenario it can think of in order to paralyze you. Then it calls on the ego to push you into things that will temporarily alleviate the fear and stuff it further into your subconscious. You simply cannot see clearly anymore, the Neutral Mind and Positive Mind have gone on vacation somewhere in La-La-Land covered in a thick fog of fear that blinds them completely. When you’ve gone through an enormously painful event this can happen, your mind is in survival mode and trying to protect you. Maybe someone hurt you in a way you couldn’t imagine and your poor brain can’t process what happened and shuts down access to everything, especially your heart, to do it’s job and protect you. It’s a natural instinct to protect the soft inner layers of tissue, whether in terms of physical or emotional levels. In any case fear is the new normal and your brain is trying to protect you from everything, including yourself.

It takes more courage to face the Negative Mind than the biggest, meanest junk yard dog. Once that negativity gets on a roll it stops you from doing anything. Your Radiant Body can pull to you all the things that would help you, but the negativity blinds you so completely that even if you know it’s good for you, you can’t do it because you feel like you are going against every self-preserving instinct in your body and mind by doing anything. You don’t stop for any rational reason, you just stop in paralysis and movement in any direction feels impossible. You try to rationalize the fear, “Oh, I just don’t have the money for it now.” “What if it’s not what I’m supposed to be doing?” You heart and soul can be screaming for you to do it, but you just can’t hear it, they’re protected by the thick walls of the negative mind. You try to meditate, but all you hear is the constant yammering of the mind and can’t hear the guidance of your higher consciousness.

Learn more about the Negative Mind in “The Mind” by Yogi Bhajan

In this situation, don’t listen to the fear. That’s right, do something you know to be positive, even if it feels like it might be the wrong thing for you. Just move some energy. It’s not going to be easy, you may have to shed some tears and face some pain, incredible pain, the kind that makes Freddie Krueger seem like a puppy dog. Even if it seems like maybe you can’t afford it, take a Sat Nam Rasayan class, go to a group sadhana, go to Sat Nam Fest, go to Solstice – do something that will bring you into a higher vibration. In that higher vibration you will be able to access the safe space that Kundalini Yoga practice creates and make healing faster. Working on your own will move you forward. Working with group consciousness will elevate you faster. Taking that one step into a positive direction will push you forward to the next thing that will help you. Maybe your meditation will get back on track and you can finally hear that heart and soul.

One great practice is the 40 Day Global Sadhana, sometimes this takes commitment, but knowing that there are over 10,000 other people doing it with you might just motivate you. It will certainly make for a more powerful experience than doing sadhana by yourself. When the negative mind is raging it might seem like the practice isn’t doing anything, in these cases it can be helpful to do something more physical because sitting in meditation when you feel like screaming doesn’t make you feel very good about yourself. And while we’re talking about feeling good about yourself, check how you are talking to yourself! Use one of Ramdesh’s guided meditations from Journey Into Stillness to help you affirm love and kindness to yourself, making peace with your Negative Mind and let your heart know that you will take care of it.

Journey Into Stillness by Ramdesh Kaur

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone, a teacher, a counselor or a minister. Having someone give you a more neutral perspective might help. Of course when you’ve been hurt badly you may not be able to access or face the emotions or the situation squarely. Maybe you just need to take time to let yourself heal. Stop trying so hard, surrender, keep a steady practice and accept that some things take time to heal. It takes positive experiences to help you see that it’s safe to do things again. It was a specific circumstance that brought about what happened. Your higher vibration and outlook will bring better experiences to you in the future (especially if you strengthen your Radiant Body!). In time you can learn to trust and feel safe that the Universe is there to bring you happiness and you deserve it. Allow the love and light to enter in and choose to see happiness where it seems darkest. As David Newman says in his song Stars “We are like stars, stars in the sky, the darker this night the brighter we will shine…” Allow your light and radiance to shine in the darkest of places, make peace and let them heal.

To overcome your Negative Mind by strengthening the Positive and Neutral Minds, try this empowering kriya led by master teacher Anne Novak.

Watch the video on YouTube here!









  1. Thank you very much, Sohan Kaur.
    Feel a lot less lonely and weird. I have the tendency to go for security, these days, Allthough I know it won’t bring me much harmony. But probably increase the stress even.
    My oldest kid has as well the second chakra as a tantric number as a soulnumber. So he can feel rather vulnerable and depressed as well. And when nothing seems to work in my life, I have an inclination to take over the personalities of my kids. So I am working on their issues.
    Thrown out of my own center.
    Well life is complicated.

    Bhajan Kaur

  2. Sat Nam Cath, I’ve sent you an email, so if you don’t see it, check your spam box.

  3. Thank you so much for your reply Sohan,
    I will start with the Aquarian Sadhana today…I started to meditate again (and managed to stay awake a couple of times) haha…Maybe you recognize this.. but my fingers twitch when I meditate..my index finger especially..I wonder what that can be?
    I also notice (but this is for a really long time) double digits everywhere on clocks, groceries I buy etc… Do you think this is all connected?

    p.s I’m sorry to bother you with all my questions..

    Thanx again,

  4. Hi Cath,

    A kundalini rising experience for me was just the beginning of the difficult part of the journey, not the end of it. It was the initial jolt for healing the heart and awakening the soul’s Higher path. I felt lost and sad because I couldn’t see what was happening. Healing the heart brings tears because it is releasing years of pain from your heart and muscle memory. Your whole being is going through changes on an energetic level to release that which no longer serves you (this can also include friends, careers, and relationships). When you are falling asleep or can’t focus during meditation it’s because you are working on releasing a block in your subconscious and sometimes it really doesn’t want to let go. Using meditation for guidance doesn’t always help at this time, and it’s important to consciously look at those things in your life that are blocking you from moving forward. This can be relationships and material possessions as well as old grudges or a career. The heart longs to help others through kindness and compassion and it’s important to look to those thoughts when you are dealing with others. You are awakening to your Higher path and there is most likely something you are already doing that you enjoy, but might think it’s just something fun or that you just do for yourself, like writing or painting or singing or baking cakes. You heart signs to you when you do this and you might have the desire to do it at the most inconvenient times (like when you should be doing “real” work). Trust that the Universe will provide everything you need to make this new path into a reality. It can be challenging but will be worth the reward. Starting the first step will bring many more to guide you. For me tuning in, doing some yoga and chanting the Aquarian Sadhana (I especially like Nirinjan Kaur’s version) in the morning made a huge difference in releasing things I was holding onto, it is designed to clear the subconscious among many other things. Your spiritual growth will come to you as you move forward and trust your heart, it has all the answers for this one. Pay attention to things that draw your interest, they might be clues.

    You’re in a beautiful place Cath, You’re already growing spiritually, just keep going and have faith in your practice.

    Many Blessings,

  5. Hi Sohan,

    I’ve experienced “spontaneous” kundalini about a your ago, due a very emotional experience. I haven’t practiced any yoga…I did some meditation which I stopped months before the kundalini happened (because I simply couldn’t focus). I can very much relate to this article. Now my kundalini experience was beautiful, after feeling like i’ve been run over by a train …I was feeling so happy that it made me cry…Since then I took a deeper dive in the spiritual world, just to know what actually happen to me. (I didn’t know what kundalini was) I was told what I experienced was kundalini and that it’s special when it happens spontaneously and that it can improve your life on so many levels.

    But I don’t notice any difference I still feel lost and sad….I try to seek for answers so I try to meditate but I can’t focus or simply fall asleep..What can you advise me to do? How can I spiritually grow?


  6. Thank you, Susan. So glad it helped you!

  7. Thank you, Sohan Kaur. This article was so timely for me. I felt like I had fallen into a negative pit on Tuesday and was mired in the muck by Wednesday. There seemed no way out and my mind was swirling with negativity. I went home last night and almost just went straight to bed to feel sorry for myself. The words from this article kept tickling the back of my thoughts. Finally I decided to do a couple of short kriyas. Then I thought, no I’ll do my whole yoga set. (normally I do this in the morning) So I did my full yoga workout with Snatum & Gurmukh and it was transformative for my thoughts, my heart, my being. Again, the article was timely and it provided just the inspiration I needed to act.

    Thank you.


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