Nihal Singh is an IKYTA Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan and Celtic Shamanic Healer. He specializes in emotional consciousness, personal development and inner body awareness. Nihal is also a writer for Spirit Voyage’s blog, a career consultant and corporate trainer. He resides in Philadelphia, PA.

8 responses to “Kundalini Yoga & Recovering for Alcoholism”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, Great Article.

    In the past year I’ve realised that I have a problem with alcohol and I’m making a plan to quit drinking on 1 June. I think you are so right about a lot of things in the article and they really resonate with me.

    The point about emotional maturity is very insightful. Have you had experience with addiction yourself? When I have stopped drinking in the past for periods the biggest change I notice is that I have much wider, powerful and varied emotions. .Dealing with those emotions is the hardest, and most rewarding, part.

  2. terimoana Gilgen

    Please how can i get a copy of Mending Alcoholism & substance abuse with Kundalini Yoga” available at Spirit Voyage….I am a yoga teacher and have been invited to teach to a group of recovering alcoholics. Publishers etc…Teri

  3. Nihal Singh

    Sat Nam John,

    Sorry that may be someone else. I am not leading a workshop in Mohigan.

  4. John

    i saw your name as a leader for the Hiking and Yoga event in Mohigan. A google seach broguht me to a website where you mentioned you were teaching an addiction conference in early June. I likel yhave missed it given today’s date but can you please send a link to that event? Thank you

  5. Priscilla Estes

    Like the way you rolled-together different souces to make your excellent article even more helpful. I’m teaching at an addictions conference in early June, and your article is very helpful. Thanks!
    See you soon, I hope, in Yardley!

  6. Karen

    Lovely advice for anyone wanting to change their life in a positive way – especially the last piece about finding places and people to support your healthier life.

  7. Simran Kaur

    Sat Nam Nihal Singh, great article, thank you for bringing up this subject and tools to help with it. I would like to also mention the book by Deva Singh Khalsa, ‘Mending Alcoholism & Substance Abuse, with Kundalini Yoga’ that is available at SpiritVoyage.

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