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5 responses to “Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Atomic Radiation”

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  2. Mantra for Radiation: Free Recording of Praana Apaana by Sat Darshan Singh and Sirgun Kaur

    […] to chant along with. After all, no such recording of the little-used “Praana Apaana” mantra (Ed: Read Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Atomic Radiation for the full meditation) existed thus far. We believe this is a very important mediation for people to know and practice […]

  3. Atsush Iwai



    次のマントラを一つの深い息で三回となえます:プラーナ アパーナ シュシュムナー ハリー、ハリー ハル ハリー ハル ハリー ハル ハリー。


  4. Catalyst Yogi

    Sat Nam,

    I thought I would share these additional comments from Yogi Bhajan I found on this meditation for Atomic Radiation:

    More Comments from Yogi Bhajan:

    ” There is so much radiation in the atmosphere that your nerves cannot stand it and you get grouchy and upset. Those who have poor sympathetic nervous systems cannot keep their cool, and they do wrong things. In case of atomic energy radiation or total destruction, if you can perfect your mind with this, it may help you.

    This is one of the most sacred mantras. This kriya works right on the spot. It’s not that if we chant it today, it will work tomorrow. It will work right then and there. As much as you will chant, that much it will return to you. It will cut out that karma and that much dharma will enter. It takes care of your entire texture.

    This is actually the offering to God, and it’s a most beautiful offering of prana. This mantra can stop the cosmic disturbance. In very, very old times when typhoons used to come, when destruction used to come from the heavens, people used to practice this mantra. When they would think there was no escape, they would sit down together, meditate and chant. Somehow the miracle of God, the hand of God would save them. This is the basic mantra. “

  5. NK

    Please tell me this is against atomic radiation, not for!!

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