Kundalini Yoga Horoscope: May 9-15, 2011

The week is off to a fiery start, suggesting that this is a time for transformation! The Moon enters Leo on Monday morning, offering a mood in which everyone will want a bit more attention than usual. Big shows of affection, dramatic displays and wild, attention-getting outfits are all themes on this first day of the week.

In addition, a conjunction between Mercury and Venus suggests that Monday is a good day to communicate something important to the one you love. Because this connection is happening in the sign of Aries, be advised that a direct and confident approach is best.

On Tuesday, a square between the Sun and the Moon might put a bit of friction on male/female relations, as each side has their own version of what is right and wrong, and quite frankly, neither side wants to budge. Someone is in need of attention, and someone is in need of security. Themes revolving around nurturing, support, and affection will all be prominent.

Wisdom for couples

The good news is that helpful lunar trines later on in the day will set the stage for resolution and good communication during Tuesday’s evening hours.

The headlining news on Wednesday has to do with Mars, who leaves his home sign of Aries and enters Taurus, the sign of the bull. For the next few weeks, as Mars transits this fixed Earth sign, note how your physical and sexual energy changes. Your approach may be slower, steady, and more pragmatic. This is good time to follow through on projects that have been left on the back burner.

Mars in Taurus also calls for patience, suggesting that a slow and relaxed approach will yield the results that you desire. There is no need to rush. Just wait, hang out, and everything you need will come to you easily and effortlessly.

Thursday’s call to action comes from a helpful trine between the Sun and Moon (both in Earth signs), suggesting that a grounded, practical m.o. is best. Organize your desk, take care of bills, and do some chores around the house. Take care of the details, make feng shui improvements to your home or work place, and be practical when it comes to dealing with relationships and social situations.

Your best strategy is to sleep in on Friday, and use the morning hours to take care of routine tasks. Your intuitive mind won’t really kick in until about noon (9am PST), so until then, just play it cool. Then use the rest of the day to connect with others, mend bridges, enjoy creative projects, and go clothes shopping.

Friday night is a terrific night for going to parties, being with friends, or just hanging out together with your romantic partner. Under the influence of the Libra Moon, Friday night is the perfect time to meet someone new – either in person or on-line. The mood is right for partnering up.

On Saturday, Saturn’s day, an appropriate conjunction between Saturn and the Moon dominates the scene, suggesting that this is a day to get on task and stay on task. Color your morning sadhana with an extra challenging yoga set, perhaps choosing to go for Nhabi Kriya (full times), or the set for Abdominal Strengthening. Dig deep into your core and use the influence of the Saturn/Moon conjunction to strengthen your third chakra. For the rest of the day, tackle projects connected to music, home decoration, and the arts. Whatever you end up doing, make sure to get a partner involved.

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On Sunday, the mood changes drastically with the Moon moving into Scorpio, suggesting a time of mood swings and emotional intensity. All-or-nothing seems to be the underlying tone under the influence of this passionate lunar position.

In addition, Sunday is the day that both Venus and Mercury enter Taurus, further adding to the party of planets in “fixed” signs. Under this influence, you may find that people will be a bit more stubborn and “bull headed” than usual – in this case, in the areas of communication, and love and romance. People may be slow to act, or slow to make up their mind about something, but once they do, that’s it. Their mind is set and there is no turning back. The more you push the more resistance you will encounter.


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