Kundalini Yoga Horoscope: July 2-8, 2012

The emotional energy is high as the week kicks off, thanks to the fact that the Moon is just about at her fullest point in the sign of Sagittarius. The morning is filled with an upbeat, jovial spirit, encouraging everyone to look on the bright side even though deep-felt sentiments might be putting everyone on edge and bringing loud, explosive displays of emotional energy to the surface.

Around 7pm EST (4pm Pacific), the mood becomes more businesslike and reserved, thanks to the Moon’s switch into practical, grounded Capricorn. You may feel the urge to get things done, tackle big projects, and consolidate items and ideas.

Tuesday is the day that the Moon hits her exact point of fullness, suggesting that everyone will be fully exposed – revealing the truth of who they are and what they feel. There is an explosive tone to the day as an early morning conjunction with Pluto adds an extra dimension of power, desire, and need for transformation into the mix.

Also on Tuesday, Mars moves into balanced, equality-minded Libra, a rather challenging position for the God of war to be in. During this seven and a half week transit, it may be hard to make any sort of bold move, since any idea you may have will be laced with indecision. The need for balance is strong and it may be hard to do anything that you fear might shake the boat – even in the slightest.

A 12-hour Moon-void-of-course period will span most of the waking hours on Wednesday, therefore not the best time for planning, strategizing, or making any major decisions. Instead you are better off just kicking back in a lawn chair and watching the parade go by.

Also, this would be a great day to meditate!

In addition to the kriyas you may already have going, you may want to toss in some good-ole one-minute breath. Slowing the breath helps to slow the mind, control the mind, and ultimately put you in a state of deep, very deep relaxation and meditation. Hey, you can even do your one-minute breath *while* sitting back in your lawn chair and enjoying the parade.

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On Thursday, decompress from the previous day’s activities with something new. Something different. The Aquarius Moon is encouraging you to get with like-minded individuals and enjoy each others support and company. Plan a rally, form a rock band. Make a statement. Be original, innovative, and expressive. You’ve got the support of key folks behind you so join forces and have a blast.

Friday marks another day when the Moon is void-of-course for about 12 and a half hours, through most of the daylight hours. As a result, you may feel out of sync with people, like you are not connecting very well. You may feel as if your head is going one way, your words are going another, and your heart is going yet another. It may be hard to make heads or tails out of any situation.

Relax, stick to routine tasks, go with the flow, and consider revisiting that one minute breath.

Saturday’s lunar energy fills the air with an artistic, creative, and compassionate vibe bright about by the Piscean Moon. A conjunction with Neptune in the early morning hours puts an extra dreamy tone on the day, thus encouraging us to use our imagination, have fun, and escape into some other reality through music, dance, writing, and art. Let your talent shine through artistic means, and let your emotions be the fuel for creative projects that you’ve been meaning to get to. The key this Saturday is to set aside time for yourself to conquer a specific project. Allot a nice three hour chunk of uninterrupted time when you can indulge in the creative project that you have wanted to get to for weeks.

On Sunday, mellow out and let someone else take the reins. This is a good day to surrender. Surrender to the hammock. Relax, take it easy, and unwind in the company of good people, and/or a good book. Don’t pressure yourself into feeling as if you need to save the world at every moment. Do the world a favor and do something to save yourself.


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