Kundalini Yoga Horoscope: April 8-14, 2013

Under the influence of the void-of-course Piscean Moon this Monday morning, you may wake up in a fog wondering where to go and how to proceed. The answer? Proceed slowly.  With caution. Don’t fight the forces. Take the easy, simple route and stick to routine tasks. There is no need to rush anything. Take it easy.

Around noon PST (3pm EST), the Moon moves into bold and brazen Aries, suggesting that now is the time to take action. For the remainder of the day, you will find that you have a keen sense of what is coming next and what should be done now – in the moment. Do not delay. Action taken is action well received. It is possible that some feathers get ruffled along the way, but that’s okay. This is necessary in order to get things done and get the energy moving.

On Tuesday, the Aries Moon teams up with Uranus in the early morning hours, suggesting an unexpected wakeup call and some fresh new information on the scene. You may not be expecting the answer that comes. That’s okay. Keep an open mind. Be aware of all possibilities and don’t be afraid to take a stand that nobody else is willing to take.

Wednesday is the day of the New Moon in Aries – the one day of the year when the Sun and the Moon are teamed up together in the first sign of the zodiac. Talk about a time of new beginnings. This is it! This is the time to plant the seeds and set your intentions. How is that vision board coming along? Put your goals and dreams down on paper. Add color, add texture, and add details to what it is that you really want.

With the Sun and Moon also teamed up with Venus and Mars on this auspicious day, there is a call for things to start fresh in the relationship department as well. Don’t be afraid to clear out the old and make room for something new with someone you love – or someone you have your eye on.

This week, with all the extra fire in the air, it would behoove you to revisit the yoga kriya for “Releasing Inner Anger”. This challenging and effective set of exercises is specifically designed to help you let go of pent up frustration or angry feelings that you may be holding on to. Don’t let it fester in your body or in your mind any longer. Give it a healthy and practical means to escape.

On Thursday, the Taurus Moon helps to cool things down, or at least ground the energy by adding a degree of patience and stability to the mix. There is a desire to enjoy the finer things, the greatest comforts, fine food and decorative clothing. Don’t bother searching for something more. Just simply enjoy what you already have.

The big news on Friday is Pluto’s retrograde turn – a switch in direction that will continue into September of this year. For the next five months, you may need to revisit some old dark secrets of the past, do some serious cleaning out and restocking of old habits, patterns, and junk in your closet.

On Saturday, the Gemini Moon possesses two sides – one that is a bit distant and perhaps indifferent. Another that is sentimental, yet reserved. You may find that people are talking out of two different sides of their mouth as well – saying one thing one minute but acting differently and saying something else the next. It may be hard to know where you stand or how to proceed. For important deals that are going down, consider getting the details in writing.

Sunday’s energy takes the Gemini Moon and combines it with the freshly established Mercury in Aries, thereby setting up a condition for a quick tongue and reactive attitude. People may be quick to judge and criticize. Try not to take anything too personally.

Towards the afternoon, big ideas come into play. Pay attention. This could be the opportunity that you have been waiting for. Get on the bus while you can. There is no need to delay. If you see the opening, take it. The time is now.



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