Kundalini Yoga For Venus Transit and Venus Retrograde

Venus passes over the face of the sun.

Retrograde refers to a time when a planet, due to the position of the earth, appears to be going backwards.  Venus is currently retrograde (it went retrograde on May 15th and will remain retrograde until June 27th) and on June 5th, Venus will make a rare transit across the sun. If Venus were larger, it would appear much like a solar eclipse, in that Venus passes between the earth and the sun, but due to its size appears to make a journey across the face of the sun.  Venus will not make another transit across the sun until 2117.

Venus is the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality.  In many ancient cultures, the time of Venus retrograde was closely watched and respected. With the energy of Venus affecting us all so strongly in areas of love and relationships, this is an ideal time to clear karma of the love kind.  Going deep within the heal the wounds of love, to cut karmic ties to past lovers, and to connect to our own sense of inner beauty and well-being.

The energy of Venus Retrograde in Transit is asking us all to reflect and go inward.  What wounds must be healed?  What closure is necessary?  You may find that old lovers and friends emerge from the shadows giving you the chance to clear your vibration.  But isn’t necessary to talk to people directly. You can simply send them energy and above all, clear the energetic hooks within you that bind them to you.  This is the time of the rebirth of the Divine Feminine.  Allow the energy of love to flow through you!

During this rebirth, we must be wary of superficial flirtations and gossip.  Allow only the highest representation of you to shine forth.  Be mindful of what you say about others and connect to a healing space within.  Our words can heal or hurt, and this is the time for healing.

There are beautiful Kundalini yoga meditations that can support you during the Venus transit and during all periods of Venus Retrograde.

Mera Man Lochay

Reciting “Mera Man Lochay” can heal the wounds of love within your heart.  This powerful prayer is a love song written by one Guru to another, a song of deep longing and love for union.  It is gentle, beautiful and transformational.

A version by Sat Purkh is on this book, all of which is perfect for working with Venus energy.

Guru Raj Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur

So Purkh

If you are a woman, chanting “So Purkh” for former lovers and male friends can help you release the karma you hold in your heart for them, and help them achieve their highest good.  The best way of sending old flames away is to send them away with grace and support.  Loving your self is an important piece of the puzzle during this time.

A stunning version by Nirinjan Kaur.

Satkirin's Sopurkh


The “Guided Meditation for Self-Love” on my new album “Journey into Stillness” is a gentle and loving affirmation of peace within.  It’s the perfect compliment to Venus Retrograde.  It’s actually being released on June 5th 2012, the Venus Transit date!

Ramdesh's first meditation album

Deep Meditation

The Meditation into Thoughtlessness supports the mind’s ability to turn within and “go retrograde” itself.  This gentle meditation will comfort you during Venus’s energies.

Reflecting and Learning

Discover more about your sexuality, its preciousness and value, in “The Art of Making Sex Sacred”.  This powerful book explains many ways to clear your arc line of karma from past lovers and enhance your sexual life with meditation, kriyas and prayer.

A must-have book for all Kundalini yogis


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