Kundalini Yoga for Anger Release

(Editor’s Note: Kundalini Yoga has many wonderful kriyas and meditations to help us deal with our anger. Nihal Singh shares some thoughtful insights and a meditation from Kundalini Yoga for Anger Release.)

Anger is quite a powerful emotion. Out of all the emotions it seems to be the loudest one. Unfortunately for many of us living in today’s world, fear and anger are the only two emotions we allow ourselves to feel. When you are disconnected from yourself, there is nothing like anger to make you feel alive. There is nothing like a good drama or conflict to get the blood pumping. Some people will seek out a reason to get angry even when there isn’t anything to get angry about.

Many times our reactions are not equal to the current situation we are facing. More often than not we are reacting from unresolved past events. Say for example as a child your parents made you feel that you are ‘not good enough’ and that made you angry; now any situations that you perceive that you are ‘not feel good enough,’ you will react with that same intense anger from the past.

Anger in its natural state isn’t a bad thing. Anger is around for protection and to make sure that our basic rights as a living being are not being violated. It is not an offensive emotion, but rather a defensive one. In the animal kingdom, if you attempt to take food away from a lion while he is eating, he will attack you. The lion is trying to defend its right to live and by taking his food, you are threatening its life. That is natural anger. It is a short and temporary survival tool. Every situation in life doesn’t need to be a threat against your own personal survival.

In the today’s world anger is so much more than just a survival tool. We have glorified anger. It is all around us with movies and songs all built around anger. We get addicted to the feeling we get from it.

Anger is often misinterpreted for power. When you perceive someone is angry with you the natural reaction is to try to be nice to them, so they are not angry with you anymore. When you are angry all the time you can force the people around you into this subservient role. Anger is also used as a manipulation tool. The next time someone kindly disagrees with you, get really angry and the other will usually person concede their point just to not be in a confrontation. Watch if this is your reaction to an opposing view-point rather than engaging in a conscious debate.

The emotion of anger is a lot like that scene in The Wizard of Oz when the group meets the Wizard. Oz is this great big scary green face with fire and smoke. Dorothy, Tin Man Scarecrow and Lion are scared until they discover that Oz is just a frail old man behind a curtain pushing buttons to create an illusion. When you boil it down, anger is just hot air. Of course we have made anger so personal that it is so much more.

The worst is when we are not responsible for our own anger. Imagine that you had a bad day at work because you boss yelled at you. You come home and get mad at your significant other. This is when we are not dealing with a problem directly, but rather putting the responsibility of our emotions onto another person. This is called an emotional transfer and it is real! We can walk away from these confrontations feeling better while our significant other now all of the sudden feels horrible. They are left holding the bag. Ever been on either side of this exchange?

According to Chinese Medicine, anger comes from the liver. The liver is referred to as, “The sea of emotions,” and it is considered the organ closest to God. What emotion do you think separates us from God the most? You guessed it, anger! It is the wedge between you and yourself, or you and God. In this physical world, anger is the wall that separates us from everyone else.

The liver has to do with the third chakra which is the chakra that contributes to your own personal power. When this chakra is unbalanced, anger can rule your life either actively or passively. Working with anger is a long process and can take many years to work out no matter what practice you do. In the end, anger is very exhausting and when coming from this place you are missing out on the highest vibrating emotion of all, love.

Yogi Bhajan taught a great meditation for Releasing Anger which you can find in Shakta Kaur Khalsa’s book, Kundalini Yoga. Overall this is a great book and especially good if you are working with anger as it also includes kriyas such as “Relive Inner Anger,” “Let the Liver Live,” and “Kriya for Oneness.”

Releasing Inner Anger Kriya:


"Kundalini Yoga" by Shakta Kaur Khalsa

The music used for this meditation is:

” Tantric Har” by Simran Kaur

"Tantric Har" by Simran Kaur

Narayan” by Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa

"Narayan" by Dev Suroop

Here are a few great yoga kriyas to practice when working with anger:

Professional Anger Kriya

"The Heart Rules" book and Cd set by Guru Prem Singh Khalsa

Liver Series

"The Art, Science, and Application of Kundalini Yoga" by Nirvair Singh

Liver, Colon and Stomach

"Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy" by Yogi Bhajan

Additionally, you can work with relaxing anger in your diet by drinking celery, cucumber or beet juice. To learn more about healing foods, check out the book Foods for Health & Healing by Yogi Bhajan.


"Foods for Health and Healing" by Yogi Bhajan



  1. Can someone tell me what plug in I need on my android phone to view the video?

  2. “Unfortunately for many of us living in today’s world, fear and anger are the only two emotions we allow ourselves to feel.”
    We should be careful to distinguish between largely impulsive outward expressions of fear and anger, and the deep-seated repressed forms of anger and fear.
    For many it is fairly commonplace to have a moment of road rage, to yell at a partner, to slam a door and stomp around.
    But very few have ever drilled down into the subconscious and access repressed anger and rage, at an experiential energetic level, and allow it to surface fully and find the release it needs.
    For those who have had the courage and means to do this, even a small taste, know that there is no emotion/energy more powerful and potentially disturbing, and also no emotion that can bring as much release, energy, power, clarity, levity, freedom.
    I’m talking about the deepest repressed material, often stemming from childhood and earlier, and often we are barely aware that it was even stored there like a ticking time bomb, overflowing into our lives in ways that we could not imagine.
    But when you have the great good fortune to access even a little of it and release it, you will have no doubt of it’s existence, of it’s subtle plea for attention and release, of it’s role in many issues and symptoms that we think are due to other factors, and of the urgency to continue the work to completion which is what it has always been asking of us but we were never able or willing to listen.
    But it can be extremely sneaky due to our elaborate defenses, mechanisms which are part of our makeup but also which we unconsciously devised at an early age for the sake of survival.
    One can easily do therapy for decades and never really drill down into it.
    Likewise for meditation – which is actually more often used (unconsciously) to manage, repress, numb, avoid this material as opposed to stir it up and bring it to the surface.
    How many people would be spared heavy medications, challenging symptoms, neuroses, negative patterns, etc – if they could only manage to access these deep recesses and release these blockages!
    And to add to the difficulty, the mechanism is designed to double down on these managing tools (anxiety, depression, tension, self-hatred etc) if we are able to access this repressed material, because it is programmed to interpret this is threatening to our survival and well being.
    So one can have a deep release, with heart opening, lightness, clarity etc – only to have the full force of the mechanism turned back upon ourselves.
    What I’m talking about here, whether people are aware of it or not, is the key cause of our suffering – not the only cause of course – but up at the top of the list.
    But if you can become aware of how it operates, if you can make the intention to bring your sincere awareness to it, and not stop until everything that needs release is given the opportunity, there is no limit to the joy and peace and wisdom that can return into your life.
    I have found that a combination of approaches is the most effective – so therapy, breathwork, yoga, journaling, guided meditations, and other means have helped me start the ball rolling, and keep it rolling.
    It can be extremely challenging at times, but once you have a direct experiential taste of what is involved, you will see that there is no work more important for our spiritual and worldly unfoldment.
    So my deepest wish for you is to discover what I am pointing to here, and to work diligently and skillfully to create true and lasting freedom for yourself.


    • Thank you so much for this comment, this is what I’ve been looking for, dealing with repressed anger. In my case expressing anger or acknowledging that I have the right to feel anger is not easy (yet).
      There is so much repressed anger, and it’s (probably) a learned process, done half-consciously.
      I have come accross articles which emphasise that when there is anger, you need compassion to counteract it, and that might be true, but that compassion should be primarily towards the self. Otherwise, someone can end up like I have, use compassion as an anger-repressing agent. Thinking about others, that I shouldn’t be angry at them, that this or that shouldn’t bother me or even if it does bother me I should only see that the problem is me, that I’m being bothered, I should see that every perspective is true. Which is amazing to realise, but if we use this realisation to run from who we really are, to repress our emotions and preferences, that is not helpful to say at least.
      Then what happens is that the repressed anger starts to torture us inside, we get lost, ungrounded, have all sort of issues, feel all sort of cover-up emotions and get disconnected from who we really are.
      I’m still in the process of discovering how to approach this.
      I’ve been on a sort of spiritual path for a few years now and as I got more and more sensitive and open, I started noticing right side pain in situations when I was forcing myself into something that was not in line with my preferences or when I didn’t voice them. Now I see that it was the repressed anger/ frustration which is associated with the liver.
      I’m still searching for methods to deal with the repressed anger, and to not just use them to numb and distract myself.

  3. Thank you SO much for this lesson! What you say corresponds very much with my experience, and explains it very well: it helps and will help me very much.
    Kartar Kaur


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