Akaljas Kaur Medley; M.Ed., eRYT, is a humanologist, writer, yoga conduit, great listener, and a lover of the oceans. She is certified through IKYTA and Yoga Alliance in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga. As an independent yogini she teaches Kundalini Yoga, writes, does Jyotish readings, gong sound healings and life-coaching. Kundalini Yoga is the music of her soul and she delights in sharing this amazing transformational technology with whomever is listening.

Originally from the bustling metropolis of Houston, she now lives in Honolulu and is enjoying the island life. She loves to travel and is drawn to places with relaxed welcoming attitudes and a reverence for the natural energies of the environment. When she’s not teaching, writing, studying the stars, breathing, meditating, laying in the sun or playing in the ocean, you can find her getting creative in the kitchen with fresh local ingredients. She firmly believes that life is deliciously precious and every moment holds potential for bliss.

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3 responses to “Kundalini Yoga and the Chakras: Aura – The Circumvent Field”

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    […]  As humans, we are gifted with the ability to strengthen and fine tune our own field. We can use a variety of Kundalini Yoga techniques to easily increase the expansiveness of our eighth chakra. Our aura provides protection against disease and negative environmental influences while also projecting our true nature into the world. With a powerful eighth chakra we automatically filter negative influences and feel strong, healthy, vibrant. When the aura is weak, we seem vulnerable to everything around us like germs, attitudes, emotions and we feel sickly, shrunken, dim. Read more… […]

  2. Sarab Nidhan

    wonderful and informative post. I particularly enjoyed the simple exercise you gave.
    “Stand with the feet shoulder width distance apart, close the eyes and focus at the ajna chakra. Inhale deeply and sweep the arms out by the sides of the body and up until the palms meet briefly overhead. Exhale powerfully and sweep the hands back down to the sides of the legs as if they were wings of a great bird. Continue this motion and breath for at least three minutes then sit silent and still for one minute to assess the aura and its vastness.”

    What is this kryia/pose called and where can I find this it? Is it in Gurmukh’s book?

    Sat Nam

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