Kundalini Horoscope: May 8 – 14, 2017

The Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for May 8 – 14, 2017:

The Moon is almost Full as the week begins, and indeed, you may be feeling it in your bones. The emotional temperature is starting to rise, our dream states are more active at night, and we may find ourselves staying up way past our bedtimes.

The theme as the week gets underway is relationships, thanks to Monday’s Moon in partnership-minded Libra. Libra wants peace and equality. Do you feel as if you are not getting that in your relationships, especially now with the Full Moon almost here? You may want to look for guidance and inspiration in Nam Kaur and Siri Atma Singh Khalsa’s book Divine Relationships: Two Bodies, One Soul. This beautifully inspiring and well-crafted book is full of meditations, venus kriyas and practical, real-life wisdom on how to navigate the highest yoga of all – partnership.

The emotional temperature continues to rise on Tuesday thanks to the Moon’s entrance into the most extreme and secretive sign of Scorpio. Power struggles may abound as forces fight for control over the situation. You may notice it in the workplace, at home, and with your romantic partner. Most of all, it is important to notice it in yourself. Be aware of manipulative tendencies and nip this potentially-destructive behavior in the bud.

The climax of the week comes on Wednesday with the Full Moon rising in Scorpio at sunset, opposite the Sun in Taurus. Keep in mind that both of the signs are “fixed” signs, suggesting that neither one of them like to budge. Issues may reach a showdown. This is the day when push comes to shove – when the buck stops. Feathers are likely to fly. The truth is exposed and everyone is faced with the true reality of the situation. Be confident, stay strong, and stand in your power. This is the time to get to the core of the difficult issues that no one really wants to deal with. Now is the time when it all comes out into the open.

Perhaps you wake up in a fog on Thursday, partly due to the fact that the Moon is void-of-course for a good part of the morning. Don’t make any major decisions right when you wake up. It is better to wait until the Moon moves into the next sign which is at 1pm EST (10am PST).

On Friday, the mood lightens and people are more flexible than they have been during the past couple days. The key now is to take the high road. Rise above the drama of emotion and stick to the facts. Stick to the truth. Friday is a time to expand your way of thinking around the situation and inspire others to do the same. Look at the big picture. Be optimistic. Let your positive mind take the reins for the day and keep your negative mind quiet in the back seat. See the glass as half full and share your perspective with the people around you.

Saturday’s energy calls for you to lighten up. Try not to take things so seriously. This is a day to get a new perspective on things. The best way you can do this is to expand your own horizons, either literally or figuratively – or both! Take a road trip. Visit new places. See parts of your own state that you have never been to. Push your comfort level. Try a new restaurant – a new type of cuisine from a foreign land. At the very least, pick up a book on a subject that you are interested in but yet know nothing about. Expand your view of the world.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, so above anything else, be sure to give thanks to your Mother, and the Mothers around you. Remember the blessings of the Divine Mother, and most of all our Mother Earth, our “Oasis in Space.” Be grateful of all that she provides for us: fresh food, water and air to breath. We are lucky to be here. Give thanks! After that, do a few chores. Although Sunday is traditionally a day of rest, the astrological energy calls for us to get our hands dirty. Do some work around the house before packing it in for the week.

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