Kundalini Horoscope: May 1 – 7, 2017

The Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for May 1 – 7, 2017:

The Moon is waxing! Throughout the entire week, the Moon becomes bigger and bigger with each passing day. It will be staying up later and later each night in the sky, and as a result, you may find yourself staying up later and later each night. As our own emotional and physical energy increases, it is a good time to engage in challenging physical activities, as well as yoga sets that strengthen the will and the navel. It is a time to cultivate and grow the seeds that were planted during last week’s New Moon. Stay focused on your goals and remain organized and grounded. You will get it done – one step at a time.

Monday is the Moon’s day, and this week, the Moon happens to be in her home sign of Cancer as the day begins. Your nesting instincts will be strong and it may be hard to leave the house. Staying in and cooking soup is the doctor’s official prescription. At 4:23pm EST (1:23pm PST), however, we reach a snag in the energy. At this time the Moon goes void-of-course and it feels as if we have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is off and we may feel a little ‘lost in the clouds.’ That’s ok. This is to be expected. Just don’t make any major decisions or have any serious conversations until the Moon is back on track (just after midnight for those on the East Coast; 9:12pm for those on the West Coast).

Tension may arise between the male and female species on Tuesday as the Moon reaches an exact angle of 90 degrees with the Sun. Each of these luminaries are in fixed signs, suggesting that a bit of stubbornness may arise. Issues around ego and who’s in charge may erupt. It could be hard to find resolution at this time. The more you push, the more resistance you will face. Change your tune and start the conversation over with a compliment. People will appreciate hearing how great they are and how good they look. Ease any situation with flattery. If you find yourself heating up during a period of conflict, step out of the room and try three minutes of breath of fire to realign yourself and the situation.

The big news on Wednesday is Mercury’s direct motion. This is the day that Mercury stations (stands still) and then resumes its apparent forward motion in the sky. Because Mercury (the planet of the mind) takes a moment of stillness today, it makes for a great day to meditate! Our mind can more easily come to a point of stillness. If you are looking for an audio aid to help you in this process, consider Thomas Barquee’s beautiful album, “Kundalini, Rise of the Soul.” With seven beautifully crafted mantras to inspire you such as “Sat Narayan” and “Akal Maha Kal” plus the healing tones of “Ra Ma Da Sa” this album makes a great addition to your collection to have playing around the house as you cook or sit down to meditate and chant along.

Get organized on Thursday. This is the time to get grounded and pay attention to details. Ask yourself what needs to change in your daily routine in order to manifest the goals, especially the personal, dietary, and health-related goals that are important to you.

Continue to meditate on this concept on Friday as well. Consider the small daily actions and routines that you need to cultivate in order to support your dreams for the long-term. Take a moment to contemplate self-care and ask yourself if you are consciously working on it.

The Moon is void-of-course until mid-day on Saturday, so hopefully you don’t have any pressing decisions or plans to make during this time! It isn’t until 2:20pm EST (11:20am PST) that the Moon moves into the next sign and you feel like you are completely yourself again.

Sunday is a good day for romance! It is a time to do things with a partner – either a lover or simply a good friend. Don’t attempt anything alone. Work in pairs. Enjoy the company. Today is about harmony, balance, and having fun.

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