Kundalini Horoscope: March 13-19, 2017

horoscope2-300x210The Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for March 13-19, 2017:

Emotional tension is high as the week begins, thanks to the Full Moon in Virgo over this past weekend. Issues continue to rise to the surface as the truth is exposed for all to see. Monday and Tuesday’s Moon in balanced Libra is trying to smooth over the rough edges. This is a good time to make peace with others. Find equality in the situation. Don’t waste your time pretending that the issues don’t exist, because they do. Everyone can see the elephant in the room. Your job now is to embrace grace, beauty, and poise to elevate the situation and make sure that everyone is being heard. Find a compromise. Seek solutions instead of continuing to perpetuate – or ignore – the problem.

The Moon continues to wane throughout the entire week. She will be rising later and later in the sky each night, and each time with less of her face showing to us on Earth. As a result you may feel your energy gradually waning as well. This is a time to choose yoga sets that are more meditative and inward-looking as opposed to those that are more physically challenging.

Wednesday is off to a sluggish start thanks to the fact that the Moon is void-of-course during the early morning hours. Sleep in if you have the chance. Go to work late if you have the option. Nothing productive will happen until after 11:11am EST (8:11am PST) when the Moon is back on track and you feel your intuition coming back online. Until this time, make no major plans or decisions. Just stick to routine tasks. For the remainder of the day, watch out for power plays from others. People may be trying to manipulate the situation. If you see this happening, bring it to the attention of the people involved. Don’t pretend this dynamic does not exist.

Thursday is a good day for follow-through. Get the job done. Finish all the unfinished tasks around the house and on your desk at work. You will feel a wonderful inner sense of reward in addition to the appreciation that you will get from the people around you – at work and at home. Make the final push. Get to the core of difficult issues and roadblocks that you have been ignoring. Instead of dealing with surface issues, get to the heart of the matter. The astrological energy is encouraging you to be a detective and solve the riddles at hand.

Whatever you didn’t finish up on Thursday, get it done on Friday before the weekend kicks in. All morning, a helpful trine between the Sun and the Moon is encouraging you to get to the finish line. Take care of whatever last-minute unfinished business remains. Be sure to complete it all before 5:56pm EST (2:56pm PST) because at this point, the Moon goes void-of-course and for the remainder of the day, we have lost our sense of purpose and direction.22201-300X300

The Moon in uplifting, positive Sagittarius is asking you to reach new heights – spiritually and mentally. If you aren’t feeling very inspired lately, you might want to try some new literature on your bedside table. How is your morning sadhana going these days? Need some help on what you can do for a morning practice? Need suggestions, ideas, guidelines, resources and support? Then look no further than Snatam Kaur’s new book, Original Light. This masterful work will inspire you as well as tickle your funny bone and uplift your spirit as it gently guides you into how to dip your toes – or dive right into – the practice of the Aquarian Sadhana, the two-and-a-half hour morning practice given by Yogi Bhajan as a way for us to align with our true destiny and become saints and sages of the Aquarian Age.

Uplifting energy continues on Sunday, encouraging you to gather together with your community and practice together. Let the group energy of prayer do its work to magnify the effects of the individual. Grow to new heights together as you enjoy the company of others in whatever spiritual, family or sport-related gathering you find yourself in today. Whatever you do, enjoy, uplift and support the people around you.



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