Instructions for Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Global Sadhana: Release Fear and Become a Conscious Leader

We live in an incredible time.  Many people who have learned basic skills of yoga and meditation talk about a sensation of being awakened to a new way of living that is simple, free, and feels true to their inner core. People are gravitating towards this energy. People are longing to live in truth.  It is a simple awakening that is happening all over the planet.  Once you are awakened, there is no turning back.

We may feel compelled to build a yoga center.  We may be inspired to start a totally new business that is connected to the truth of our soul experience.  We may be inspired to want to change our current working environments. We may be inspired to change our careers. We may be inspired to give some of our earnings to someone in need. We may decide to start a 40 day global sadhana!

All of this kind of change requires a mental frequency of a good leader.  The fact is that this kind of change is not common, and in this way, you become the helm of a ship… you become the one breaking the waves for others to follow. We have got to get “all hands on deck” so to speak in our inner world and our outer world.  We’ve got to release our fears, and let go of split personalities. A deep question arises as to how to accomplish this.

It is through these kinds of challenges that we can “break on through to the other side” and know how incredibly powerful we truly are.  We begin the meditation on February 6th and end it on the last day of our Song of the Self Retreat in Costa Rica which is March 16th. It feels so perfect to be doing this meditation leading up to this retreat, because the whole focus of the retreat is to get in touch with your true inner song… that which will carry each of us forward as leaders, healers, and givers of the Aquarian Age.

During this global sadhana, we will offer instruction via video or livestream in the following areas (dates to be announced):

Prabhu Nam Kaur “Pronunciation, Meaning and Impact of the Mantra Aadays Tisay Aadays”

Satkirin Kaur “How Mantra and Shabad Guru Work to Release Fears”

Karan Khalsa “Becoming a Conscious Business Leader”

Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh Source  “Releasing Fear and Becoming a Conscious Leader from the perspective of Householders in the Modern Day.”

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About the Meditation:

Yogi Bhajan taught this meditation as a way to control the mind’s impulse towards fear and assist one in becoming a leader, a being who creates new pathways, inspires those working with him, and consolidates energy to reach any goal.

The mantra is “Adays Tisai Adays, Aad Aneel Anaad, Anaahat, Jug Jug Ayko Vays”.

Adays means I bow, Tisai means again, so Adays Tisai Adays means I bow again and again to the Aad, the primal One, to the Aneel, the One without color, to the Anaad the One without Sound, to the Anaahat, the Unstruck Sound.  Jug Jug Ayko Vays means throughout the Ages you are One in the Same.

Here is the posture and simple movement:

Sit on your heels with a straight spine.  You can use pillows or props to help support you if you cannot sit on your heals, or you can sit either in easy pose or in a chair if needed.  Stretch the arms straight out in front, parallel to the ground.  The palms are flat and facing the ground; the fingers point straight forward.  The arms will be shoulder-width apart.  As you chant the mantra you will alternately raise the arms up to 60 degrees and then return them to their original position as follows:

Adays: raise arms to 60 degrees

Tisai: arms straight out in front of you

Adays: up to 60 degrees

Aad: straight out in front

Aneel: up to 60 degrees

Anaad: straight in front

Anaahat: up to 60 degrees

Jug jug: straight in front

Ayko: up to 60 degrees

Vays: straight out in front

Keep the hands and elbows held straight out firmly, with no bends.  Chin is pulled in slightly.  Each word should be chanted powerfully from the navel center.

Continue for 31 minutes.  If you don’t feel that you can do this meditation for 31 minutes, you can also do it for 11 minutes.  Remember, this is all for your positive benefit.  Any amount that you do regularly will have a positive effect.

You can use my CD “Release and Overcome” for a musical accompaniment with the track entitled: Adays Tisai Adays: Releasing Fears.  That track is 31 minutes long. You can also use the third track of my cd “Prem“.  This track length is 11:58.  You can just have the music on repeat if needed, or can use this to practice the meditation for a shorter period of time.

May your 40 day sadhana practice with us be filled with many blessings and truly allow you to release any fears and beautifully take you into your power as a conscious leader.


More information about the meditation can be found in Yogi Bhajan’s book “The Mind“.




  1. Sat Nam..
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing this 40 day practice ….I came upon it about half way through however am working on it daily….The chant comes easy but the arm movements are more challenging…Anyway..Im moving along….What I wanted to share is how much my heart has opened up even in this short time…Living farther away and too busy to get to towns for regular connections with fellow spiritual communities….I have just finally realized the gift of a computer …
    just recently received….So thank you again for making this so wonderfully available to us

    • We’re so happy you’ve joined us Pamela! Blessings to you on your beautiful journey, Ramdesh

  2. Sat Nam
    I read in some of your articles about 3 kriyas you recommended to do so as
    to achieve the 31 minutes of this Sadhana but I can’t find it again Could you help
    me? Thank you

  3. I was ill at the beginning of the 40 days and am only now beginning the meditation, although I have been steadily listening and chanting when I had voice enough. I am going through challenges in my work at a women’s prison, and feel immediate benefit from this chanting and devotional prayer. Sat nam.

    • We’re so happy to have you join us!


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