17 responses to “Heal Our Sister – Stand with us in supporting Pritham Khalsa’s fight for her life”

  1. Claire

    Dearest Prit,

    I hope this message finds you in good spirits. I happened across this page by chance, while looking up the meaning of your name and read your story. I am impressed and pleasantly surprised. You are an amazing woman! If you happen to read this, and/or happen to remember me, please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you well in the days to come.


    I suggest you to start with a good Homeopath for taking Homeopathy medicines alongwith AUT i.e Auto Urine therapy. Waheguru will come to her rescue don’t worry but pray.

  3. Joy

    Forgot this one on vit B3
    Blessings and much love!

  4. Joy

    I hope the trial is the treatment above and that it works for Pritham. In the meantime, IV vitamin C is a fabulous antibiotic. I know it was taken off the market, but if by some chance it was “taken off the market” like Demerol was (now only used in hospitals for IV sedation for surgeries), which resulted in a bad reaction for my husband–we didn’t think we needed to tell them about his allergy to Demerol since it had been “taken off the market.” Anyway–perhaps vitamin C IV infusion could be used in conjunction with the antibiotics and not as much of the antibiotics will be needed. Blessings and rapid healing to you. Keep your faith in the love that surrounds you.

  5. Alexia


    I’m sending you love, light, confidence, and hope for a full recovery. You were born in the bliss and beauty of Devine perfection. You are not this illness as you know. There is no fight. No battle. No winner. No loser. In this articulation of your life in it’s extraordinary beauty that is strength and resilience as one: the eternal, vital life force of your blessed gift as teacher and light, reminds us all of our own limitless possibilities. I live with what is considered an “incurable”; and yet in my own luminous experience with the divine– I know that no mistakes exist. Our chance to be present and alive-: even in suffering… is the melody of life. The music of our souls in chant and mantra. And the song has but one name: LOVE. God bless you now and always. You are ever in my prayers. I send you love from the depth of my own marrow. And lift you in celebration in honor of your courage. “Cancer, go away. And leave Pritham to live on, without you”. Be Here Now and always. Xoxo Alexia

  6. anna

    dear Pritham did you hear about ASEA- increase your body”s cellular efficiency back to a time when all you worried about in life was having fun!

    It is the first ever Redox Signaling Supplement – I pray also that ASEA help you for your

    blessed be anna

  7. patricia

    Sorry to hear about this, my thoughts and prayers are with her. I know of any great immunologist that specializes in this area and has help many from around the world that were pretty much hopeless. you can google Dr. Ferre and read up on her natural alternative treatments on Super boosting the immune system. lots of testimonials. Best

  8. Joan

    I’m so sorry to hear about Pritham’s plight. I’m sending love, prayers and healing energy to you, Pritham. Do look into the Gerson diet. I’ve heard great things about this diet. Also, look into a newsletter I receive called “Cancer Defeated”. Google it. I’m sure it will show up. They research all kinds of alternative medicines, practitioners and foods that cure cancer

  9. Jill Domb

    I think you are an amazing person and I am sending you all the love and healing I can. I wish you are well and your family is well,
    Sat Nam

  10. Andria

    I feel strongly guided to give Pritham a message. Is there anyway to contact her directly, or for you to forward her a message? Thank you,

    1. Ramdesh Kaur

      You can leave a comment here and we’ll pass it along to her, Andria.

  11. dk

    Im sending all my luv out 2 u guyz. unfortunately i havent the fundz 2 support but i can support with my luv and good intensiuonz…n mayb shez looked n2 this …oir mayb not, but perhaps magnet therapy may help her. iv recently read a book called the emotion code written by dr. bradley nelson. perhaops thts an alternative treatment she can uze on top of her other treatments. i dont think it could hurt…sending cyber hugz n hearts <3 :-)

  12. Sarv Varta Khalsa

    I’m so sorry to hear this news about Pritham. My thoughts and prayers are with her. Please keep us updated!
    In health,
    Sarv Varta

  13. Niranjan Khalsa

    Karan, please keep us updated on Pritham! I’m trying to spread the word to everyone so we can all send support.
    With hope,

  14. Stephen Shrubsall

    Look at the Gerson Diet Google it Dr.Gerson also look at the fruit called Sour Sop and look at youtube on Baking soda and Molasses All the best and blessing Steve

  15. Cat

    Sat Nam
    My Love goes out to you, dear Pritham!
    Have you heard of “The Journey” by Brandon Bays? She was diagnosed with a Basketball sized Uterus Tumor and healed in 6 weeks. By “pealing back the layers of emotions” and coming to Source. Ultimately forgiving the people in her memories and forgiving herself.
    It is not rocket science but a modality that has helped me reconnect and heal.
    Heartfelt regards, Cat

  16. Manuela

    I wish all Luck of the world and sending all love I can give !
    Best wishes to her and her family !

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