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6 responses to “The Gong in Kundalini Yoga”

  1. Gongs in the Wall Street Journal

    […] Lincoln was the someplace. In his warehouse at the edge of town one Tuesday, Mr. Borakove, 50 years old, sat at a computer, handling an order from a Florida alligator farm and a complaint from a Hmong shaman in California. "More people need gongs than you'd think," he said. […]

  2. Catalyst Yogi

    Sat Nam,

    There is a video lecture where Yogi Bhajan teaches how to play the Gong.

    Ancient Healing Ways has it only on VHS – I couldn’t find it on Spirit Voyage. This (as DVD) would be a great addition to your library…. See More


    peace to ALL


  3. Ana (Amrita) Rivera

    Mehtab’s book is great for those wanting to learn all about the gong and gong playing. The practice exercises are excellent!

  4. satyasingh

    my favorite is nanak dev singh. yogi bhajan tought him how to play the gong directly.

  5. Harimander

    My favorite is Harijiwan:

    Sat Nam

  6. Karan

    Thanks for the input – i contacted Hari Jiwan today about offering his CD for download on our site!

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