Funny Video: Gonzo, Kundalini Yoga & Enlightenment

Alright, so this pokes a little fun at Kundalini yogis, either intentionally or unintentionally.   But you know, Gonzo never looked so good!  A white turban, kachera (large, white underwear), and a lovely mala really add to his sense of flair!

Have a laugh today on us.  We can see your Kundalini from here, too, Gonzo!  (And you know, Gonzo, the real Kundalini yoga might just help enlighten you without the inflatable underpants…let us know if you need a Kundalini yoga DVD suggestion!)


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  1. “Woo-hoo! I think I can see my Kundalini from here.” Gonzo is adorable in his turban. This is a good video to send when people are aren’t keeping up. I’m so glad you found this one. I posted it awhile back on facebook, and sent it around but didn’t get the huge reaction it deserves. <3


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