Forest Whitaker on Kundalini Yoga for Actors

Forest Whitaker may best be known for his career as a successful Hollywood actor, but did you know that he is also very dedicated to the practice of Kundalini yoga?  In this clip, Forest Whitaker talks about how the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation have helped him as an actor.   He says that practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation have helped him to open his mind so that he can better embody the role he is playing.   We’re not surprised, as Kundalini meditations are designed to steady the mind, and allow us to be fully in the present moment.  This is useful whether you’re an actor trying to block out distractions so you can get into character, or a teacher surrounded by a classroom full of children.

Take a look at the video below, and let us know how Kundalini yoga has helped you in your job!

Click here to learn more about Kundalini yoga, and how it can help you!


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  1. Where can I find the meditation he talks about?
    I heard it´s the Hurukti meditation? Maybe I´m incorrect.
    Thank you


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